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    Please add more ways to get Stelite

    I have about 10 fused items across multiple characters and i can tell u if there is a **** stat on one of the items i use, its going to end up on my fused gear. happened every damn time !!!! i have tried 4 good stats and 4 crap and got 4 crap. Rng is rng but it certainly seems like its more like...
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    Hong Kong IP gets blocked?

    There is no way to justify this Devs!!! You cant just cut off peoples accounts like this. Its terrible PR !!! Feedback is required here and fast!!!!
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    Hong Kong IP gets blocked?

    This happened to Russian players before the game started...…. This is seriously Bs the game isn't big enough with enough population to spread among so many servers. To region black now is insanity. All this will do is kill the game. Seems like a blatent cash grab from the devs selling extra...
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    An MMO with a subscription and gacha elements.... seriously?

    The issue with the instant delete was that if u pissed off ya brother gf or whatever they couldn't just get back at you by deleting your character you had poured years into. Just because it doesn't work for you in this instance put yourself in the scenario i described and thank the devs :)...
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    Please Increase Dungeon Ticket Cap and Recharge Time

    Making tickets available to buy with $ is pay to win this was ruled out even prior to original release. I would agree with making them available with other currencies though.
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    Petition for Changes to Avalon

    The Answer is simple. Just make it worth more points for kills and objectives in war time. If u don't go in and defend u lose. Pretty simple. No other changes required. That way a pvp faction can compete with a pve one.
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    Please Increase Dungeon Ticket Cap and Recharge Time

    20 tickets = 5 dungeons fixed ur problem stop using the buff. Make an alt
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    Region lock?

    hopefully a glitch...… They did say no region lock however prior to early start Russian were locked out due to the game releasing there .
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    God of Misfortune (bug?)

    It can bug out for a number of reasons , sometimes even if u walk ur horse in there. If you cant get it to work abandon the quest, Retake it and walk into the hut!
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    Useful sites besides the official wiki

    NJ @Airen !!
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    Curious to try, but I have a few questions

    In response I will answer in the usual way people answer here first. " You have come to the wrong place if you want critics of the game, everyone playing either loves it or has nothing better to play" so with that out of the way. Atm pvp is useless only a few people do 1v1 and hardly any grp...
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    Healer Astel or Player grabs instant agro?

    What @Playtil means is say a tank is running on mount to group a whole bunch of mobs, If the healer puts a hot on the tank before he goes the healer pulls threat, because the tank hasn't taunted nor attacked so next in line is heal threat and ur getting hit!!! Regarding the Astell's if you're...
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    dead game ?

    Game is not as active as it was. I sincerely hope more people play or come back, the road map ahead for the game looks good!!
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    Startales Map 0.1

    ty Micela this should be stickied i didn't know was here!!
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    Everyone HATES Astel Cards in cash shop. Are alternatives needed?

    Well they actually made "starring up" worse imo when they nerfed the cards. Like all mmos they punish players that start later and more casual players with kneejerk fixes. An example is on an alt when opening an achievement astel card i got a 4* eligos. And a lot of the early grinders have quite...
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    Astellia Korean Service Shutdown

    Of course they can! they are 2 completely different publishers!! The Publishers of NA/EU never received any money from the Korean version ,it was Nexon. Nexon took their money and closed their servers . So they are not "entitled" to anything it would merely be a gesture of goodwill. Anything...
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    Astellia Korean Service Shutdown

    My point above is the devs in the NA/EU version do not " owe" the Korean version players anything its simply a good will gesture!! There game is p2w ours is btp , giving them gains they paid for in their version is crazy as our version had to earn them! Giving them a home to play the game they...
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    Astellia Korean Service Shutdown

    I agree with the above posts, there is no way they could come to our servers and have the same progression. But!!! if they do they start from 0 like everyone else or they can simply eat the **** sammich they have been given and lose everything. What grounds would they have to complain? The only...
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    The Abuse of the Chat ban for 24 hours while the Devs are gone . … and cant do crap

    With the things above I agree that its being abused but the trade spam can gert out of control and the offenders don't seem to care. We have an auction house that most don't want to use. Although I think beeswax are in such low supply they cant simply unlock and post.... theres some issues that...
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    Some constructive suggestions to fix RNG issues

    I am all for RNG in games but it is wearing on me too and the blowing up of treasures omg that's nuts! +1 for the above