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  1. Drakira

    Why dump us all on the same server ?

    Can someone explain why we on the forum have a separate English, German and French section but decided to throw us all on the same EU server ? Can we have a Brexit please ? ;)
  2. Drakira

    Some forum suggestions

    Will it be possible in the future to change your forum names and/or have a signature ? Also display guild and server location of your characters etc ?
  3. Drakira

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Mmo veteran here. Been playing online stuff since UA. Spend time on several mmo's since then and now. Most of my time spend in Warhammer, Aion , Eso and SWTOR. (Still play the last two just not as much because I also spend loads of time on offline gaming such as The Witcher, Horizon Zero Dawn...