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    Fusion stuff

    Welcome to rng for the sake of rng hope it keeps you playing rng
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    Astellia KR is closing down the 16th january 2020 what will happen to OUR version?

    Well.. someone up and died in here .. jeez makes sense though given the past of the KR mmo's brought over to company's who can't handle them and lose nearly everyone month one.
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    Still waiting for Avalon Rewards

    Great pr move.. so your rank #1 last week ya that didnt count for zend o well sorry bye? thanks..........
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    I have 0 treasures what is this about having multiple 4's? EVERYTHING BLEW UP ? Yes it was tech 2 weeks of weeklys as it reset the sunday after opening. Most 4's are NOT better then what I have on thus the wanting to go to V.
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    Scheduled Maintenance [11/26 | Complete]

    Gotta Give out those mounts to the winners of Avalon to ya?
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    Well I am the unlucky one like normal though. Many report having multiple epic treasures some report being on 6 or even 7 of the combines. But I guess I am an example of you can play all day every day and get nothing still way the game is.
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    Maybe But to say those players get to even experience a 6 let alone 5's while I'm over here top rank for the bottom faction farming nothing but this and only this all week to do it all at once... WITH A DECK EFFECT... and still all 40 gone. I planned to stop at any V along the way and not try to...
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    Another 40 attempts yes 40.. 250 tokens per 10k tokens. I had over 200 shards. ALL 40 blew up before Rank V. Asking others many say O i got a couple V's. This is absurd. GO AHEAD GM"S CHECK THE LOG SEE IT BLEW UP 40 TIMES just trying to get to V while everyone else around me linking V's Multiple...
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    Arrival of Avalon - Launch Event! [Update: 11/19]

    Get Physe to finnaly get a HUGE number of players run around get 145% hunting buff. Go to kill monster 12 hunting points.. We killed atra stone 445 points. The person next to me in a 2 man group while i got 12 hunting points she gets 72 hunting points in THE SAME group? WHY IS MY BUFF BUGGED...
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    I have purchased 9 avalon treasures and upgraded them until they couldn't. Of those 9 ... two failed at III three failed at IV and Three Failed at V One I am still wearing at V for a total of 8 destroyed. 8 blew up ... wow... and your supposed to get to VIII ? GG rng so bad +8 -1 -1 now your +6...
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    Temporary NA Server Outage [Resolved]

    If by other faction you mean Physe .. fended off prob isnt the best term maybe swatted away physe has like 1/4 players ceres does. You guys had like 4 raids inside the town? Physe couldn't even make 1 raid. Only 325 players in avalon(that have gained any points for leaderboard) .. seems dead
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    Temporary NA Server Outage [Resolved]

    Ty for letting us know!
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    So much RNG and less Astel progressing

    Ya nothing like rng an entire weeks worth of avalon tokens blowing up for no real reason right just because they wanted to add delete upon fail? So some people will get purple/orange others nothing for the same work?
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    Arrival of Avalon - Launch Event! [Update: 11/19]

    Fun stuff minus clearly 1 faction is 1/4 players then the other 2... that and all your weekly tokens just blow up the moment you try to craft treasures with them so I gained.. nothing for all the weeklys/dailys?
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    Pvp Decay

    I play 15 Arena matchs or so a week. This morning 50 points were removed from not playing? I even got the zend bonus of 35 for playing the week prior before why did I lose 50 arena points for inactivity?
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    Legendary Versus Not

    Deck effects. There all at +3 for early game blues. At +5 for all the other's even +5 on legendary's. Why does a Blue Kalmar's Broken Hilt(Blue/Rare) Have +5 crafting prodigy but a Legendary Karza Deck Effect treasure has.. +5? Why does Every Purple Deck effect also have +5 when the legendary...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [11/19] - Completed

    "Note: A failed enhancement may result in the destruction of the item. " If critical failure wasn't enough more gates
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    Golden Victory Token Treasures

    So the Stone of Night(Magical Attack) Given upgrades will it eventually get physical stats or is this treasure for the Magical only?
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    Feel the Burn!

    And again....?
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    Auction House and filter

    Should be able to sell 1/3 of the Queen's Book Karza treasures I have as this game only gives me that exact karza treasure regardless of 300+ runs other places nope it waits for 100 runs later and my daily needing to be done and bam another Queens Book for you.. But hey who doesnt like +5 deck...