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  1. Drakira

    question about the "return to maglev" event

    Inactive player for months, hell I have not even played this year. Got nothing. So I am back to going being inactive again.
  2. Drakira

    It's a disaster after all.

    No idea how Blade&Soul currently is for I left it ages ago but it used to be a good game. I wonder how Revelation Online these days is because I played it at start and it was a huge pile of utter garbage.
  3. Drakira

    Solution for gold seller spam

    Also I just spawned a new char and it's a zerg of wadskjakldsxam named characters in startzone. Any active GM should Insta multi ban those.
  4. Drakira

    Solution for gold seller spam

    Best solution is simply not buying their services. And a banhammer for those that do. (and not a suspension but a permaban) No goldseller will invest in a game if none buys their products. Also the devs should change the settings on the chatfilter. They can block known goldseller and...
  5. Drakira

    Server Selection?

    One EU server, one US server. PVPVE server. (pvp is not open world but only in certain areas)
  6. Drakira

    EU server constantly spammed by German players

    Yo mods. Close this thread and implement something like a build in translator fast or this game goes down faster than Boris Johnson's reputation.
  7. Drakira

    They blocked Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, and Lithuania Regions...

    Hope not. I use a VPN sometimes for streaming services. And I do live in the Netherlands but sometimes I forget to switch off the VPN while gaming.
  8. Drakira

    EU server constantly spammed by German players

    So you want to take a try at Mandarin, Cantonese or Hokkien ? XD Because even the Chinese sometines don't understand other Chinese. XD Same with German btw, several dialects.
  9. Drakira

    Guild BoB from Archeage

    Band Of Brothers
  10. Drakira

    EU server constantly spammed by German players

    I understand german. Sometimes it's racist but only when provoked after all the QQ about their language. We should all just use our own language, there's no rules on general chat. Not everyone understands English and not sure is like the Netherlands were we learn English as second language and...
  11. Drakira

    Guild BoB from Archeage

    I used to be in that legion in Aion but before your time. I left the game several years ago.
  12. Drakira

    DEVs please read we need more hotbars

    This indeed this. I have the same in SWTOR. Too many skills, I have to faceroll my keyboard if I would use all skills. i only use 40% of available skills. Streamlining is much better. And for this game I prefer the ESO hotbar where you switch between hotbars if you need to change roles/rotation.
  13. Drakira

    Soft porn linear scripted movie

    Even in ESO females can wear skimpy armor. My bosmer ranger is pretty seductive in revealing armor. XD
  14. Drakira


    Worse than Bless ? Did you even play Bless ? Because that game was an utter shitpile.. Not just unplayable but the dev team did not even listen to the players. It was a cashgrab for the console version of the game from the start.
  15. Drakira

    Official Headstart and Launch Times

    Subscription is not what you think. It is a buy to try. They did the "sub" for those who complained 30 euro was too expensive to buy the game and maybe disliking it. And only legendary can play right now.
  16. Drakira

    Why dump us all on the same server ?

    Several. So far all mmo's that I played had a separate german and french server. Only ESO has a mega EU server. I can understand both languages but most players do not. And then having 80% of general chat being in german is not something most players would like to see.
  17. Drakira

    Item in Vault missing

    No there should be a coupon in the Vault.
  18. Drakira

    Product Vault, Cash Shop, Gems, Zender, & You

    But you could be Batman ! ;)
  19. Drakira

    Why dump us all on the same server ?

    Can someone explain why we on the forum have a separate English, German and French section but decided to throw us all on the same EU server ? Can we have a Brexit please ? ;)