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    Some interesting changes to advanced classes coming tomorrow

    Looking at the patch notes they posted for the update tomorrow, I like that changing your advanced class to another isn't too expensive XP wise and that you no longer seems to lose all progress upon switching. I am curious about how things will change with them switching around moves though...
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    2-factor Authentication Error

    Been getting this error today "Two-Factor code is not able to validate". I was logging in fine yesterday. Has anyone else had it? And if so, what did you do to fix it?
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    Archers versus Mages

    So I started the game with an archer and leveled it up to 50 and I kind of feel like my PvE DPS is low, like my stats scaled less with my equipment the higher my level got (it started once I hit the 30s). I also kind of feel like I'm crippled a bit by having my harder hitting moves locked to...
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    Another new player. This game surprised me.

    Hello all. Just signed up a few days back and have been playing the game over the past few days and I'm truly surprised at how much I like this. As a bit of background, I've played a variety of games from WoW, to GW2, to ESO, to BDO, and many, many more. I love the MMO genre but I haven't...