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    avalon-midboss and treasure

    what do you think about the avalon midboss treasure [and the fact, that some already dropped it 3 times ... while others haven't for nearly a year already] and what's you're opinion on the last-hit mechanics
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    Starkeeper Virgo Skin/Skills

    you're thoughts about the virgo skins/skills ?
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    a event, where you have to log in for a few minutes to get a reward a event, where you don't even have to do something to get the reward ... you can literally just stay afk logged into you're account to get it but why the f* do they have to put the good things behind rng-walls ... why do they...
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    Dear Cm's , can you please tell me, how we get onto you're event-reward list ?

    becouse it seems to be already the second time, that these rewards got handed out to active players too and it seems to be the second time already, that i wasn't within you're rng-lottery-reward list so my question : how do i (as active player) get onto the reward list, do the event realy have...
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    Überraschung, Überraschung

    das nächste "eh nur einmal kaufbare" astel pack im superduper cashangebot
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    astellia ... buy to play or subscribe to win ?

    since they patched out the zender-subscriptions you now have : - lootfunction, without the need of karza treasure - more ticket regeneration, 36 instead of 20 ticketslots - at least 50 starcallercoins free a day - free infield rez without debuff, - free teleport - 10 % droprate increase - 1 ap...
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    small side suggestion about avalon

    but it could be a good thing, to allow joining other content from within avalon [ enter dungeons , dungeonfinder / enter solo, team and guildarena / kolloseum / direct teleport to the huntinggrounds [wolrdbosses] and event-areas etc]
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    just found my first beachball *looks happy*

    a static object with 1 million hp, which can spawn either a portal or another (smaller) static object with 2 million hp at kill ... ... and than the mechanics is 100% the same as with the hunting ground bosses, when killed, a portal spawns and everyone can enter it ... even when not in the area...
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    Last Christmas

    i gave you my Strandball, but the verry next day, it was flown away, this day i tried verry hard, but i simply couldn't find it yeah ... *refrain*
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    Community Project : Patch-Notes

    since the official Patch-Notes seem to be missing quite a few points again, i wanted to initiate the community project to play adventurer and find all their sneaky unanounced changes :P cuz we gonna catch em all ! .oO( feel free to post, what you've already found out xD )
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    regarding boss - monsters

    but how will be decided, who actually gets rewards and who not ? will it be the usual "who makes the most damage" [<- a bad thing if you ask me ... since it allows large group to "steal" the work of smaller groups] or will it be the last hit [like in avalon ... again the possibility, this time...
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    about crafting (aka : how much have they nerved down the succec rate)

    well, you know what i think about you making the crafting elements worthless over night ... so i'll leave that one as a side note but another thing i'd actually realy would love to know is, how high the succec rate for crafting went down ... out of approximatly 20-30 crafts ... a single...
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    some (mostly already made) suggestions / ideas

    [Edit:] edit 2 : and last thing (at least for now) : communication, communication, communication
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    What do you think about the latest patch ?

    so, the daily / weekly patch now is now out there and many players have already voiced their opinions of it ... which means, that now is the perfect time to give the CM's and Devs a piece of our mind ... it's feedback time [if you have additional answers to add just tell x3] Answers : 1) the...
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    question about the "return to maglev" event

    but who actually gets these astel-cards, what factors do you use, to decide, who gets one into his vault/coupons and who not or is it just another roll the dice rng implementation ?
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    regarding the crafting elements

    now, this is an issue already several month old, and it was already stated, that there will not be any changes anymore regardless, i do believe, that it's important, to bring it up again it's about the old crafting elements elements, dropping within normal dungeons elements, sold between 50...
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    und so als side note ... thulie ist deutlich ansprechender als miodan ...
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    patch notes :

    liebe astellia spieler, beim heutigen update haben wir die grundwerte der klassen verändert nur mal so als anregung an die cm's wie man den spielern kurz und bündig die relevanten änderungen mitteilen könnte
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    delate sorry, i picked the wrong tier ... it was within the zender, not the cash-shop ... all's good, my mistake x3 in fact ... now that i read, that it's available via zender (and not the shop, like i initially thought xD) i'd say, that it's a good thing for normal players to get the...
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    gilde eins, Terra hat zugegriffen

    ... gibt es eigentlich irgendjemandem im team, der hier einfach nur mal drüber liest, was denn hier eigentlich so übersetzt wird ? ich mein, klar ... is jetzt deutsch und so ... sinn machts aber trotzdem keinen und dabei war einem gewissen jemand das patch testen doch so wichtig, dass sie...