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    Kitsune Ears

    I don't even want 1 set of these dumb things, much less 3 sets of a skin that's garbage. Adjust it to where you can at least sell to a merchant for 1 asper... It's wasting space in my storage....
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    @CM's and Devs

    Can we, the players, expect Haveli Mansion bugged bosses to be fixed anytime soon? It has been several months now, and it is getting worse and worse, almost to the point of why bother with the dungeon. Initially, it would only bug if there was a party wide wipe. Now, the last boss bugs no...
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    Tulie Abyss portal in Paladin Mausoleum

    It's been about a month now since I first put in a ticket, and still no useful response or even a response if someone is actually trying to figure it out.
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    Arena Banner placement

    Real winner who put the placement where it's at in the game, it blocks the dungeon timer, and can't be moved... Who pulls the trigger on adding to the screen w/o viewing it first? Measure twice, cut once...
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    Crusader PVP is garbage

    You have T2 gear, and think you can fight someone with equivalent. Nope, you're swinging a wet noodle at people missing almost 90%-100% of the time... You bring out treasures that makes it now impossible to CC someone, and some folks just keep getting it every week. I see no point in Avalon...
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    Asper sellers getting smart.

    Received this mail today from a asper seller.