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    Reduced Food Stats ?

    The description of Porchetta says magic attack +14% but the food i made only gives magic attack +9%. What is wrong with it ?
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    Thanks for The Loot Scroll but You Nerfed My Treasure ?

    Glad to see the loot scroll in cashshop now. This is a good thing. There is also a bad thing. My treasure Baza's Vitalizer got nerfed from 10% evasion to 5%. I have never seen anybody complained about this treasure before. So where the heck did you get feedback ? Many people farm Legendary Lab...
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    The Items in Package Should Not Bound to One Character

    I wish I could move my ring of exploration to another character, but I couldnt put it in account storage. There is no way to get another ring right now. Scroll of exploration is not available either.
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    Where can i get the loot materials of Ragferant ?

    Gordo Lotus Leaf Fruit gather seed on the ground near Eline fall then purchase the other thing from misc merchant in Meiville Record of the temple of Nadine Shrine don't know how to get Fragment of the 9th Centurion don't know how to get Centurion Fragment, circuit is from star tale...
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    Dungeon Ticket Need to Be Fixed

    30min per ticket, capped at 24. I have to clear dungeon twice a day and it is hard to find a party sometimes. increase the ticket cap or change to weekly dungeon count plz
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    Are we going to get male mage and healer on launch?

    Can we change gender later if the answer is negative ?