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    EARLY game to-do list, things you'd wish you'd done!

    THANK YOU, Xovian, for the useful tips! I will have to try that "F" button. Also I didn't know about Astel card packs (and I'm level 23 ATM) so I will try the disassembling many cheap rings tip for the reward. You're a gentleman (or lady, I shouldn't assume) and a scholar! (y)(y):)
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    Week 1 - status report

    Congratulations, ForestWolf, on your impressive progress in the game! (y) My mage is only level 23 but I've enjoyed my time with Astellia so far. I can only play 2 or 3 hours in the evenings but I like playing solo with the help of my Astels. Since you seem to have a life outside of your...
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    No choice, no risk, no exploring, no fun ...

    Thanks for buying a legendary package to help support the game! Sorry that you didn't enjoy your stay with Astellia.
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    Ring of Exploration / Legendary Founder

    Thank you for correcting my assumption, jazdevi and Xovian. Dang, I'm really sorry to learn that I was wrong about that. ? Any secondary character I make will have to use Norden's Favor or pick up stuff the normal (slow) way. That's unfortunate.
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    Ring of Exploration / Legendary Founder

    Hello Nutritious-Tea, I believe that you could unequip the ring from your scholar and put it in Account Storage so your knight can use it. You'll have to open the Account Storage but it would be worth it.
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    Soft porn linear scripted movie

    Eh, if I want porn, Kapyong, I know of other places to get it. ;) I don't have a problem with the cut scenes - Final Fantasy 14 has a BUNCH of them and of course they're fairly common in other games too. So the women in these cut scenes are not so well dressed... well it's very warm there so...
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    Char gelöscht?

    I hope that you found your character, Sin!
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    Amazing MMO, Bravo Devs!

    I will second what Anghya said above - I really love how the Manatran Grasslands have changed - the new Star Caller Temple looks fantastic and serves a useful purpose, to give new Astellians some important tips. The first dungeon changed for the better so that it's outside rather than all in a...
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    Chat filters

    Thank you Raijin! Yes, I finally figured it out last night that I had to right-click the top of the tab rather than inside the chat box to get my filters. ?
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    Chat filters

    I wish I could figure out how to select the channels I want to see in my chat box - all those red shouts are filling it up. o_O Supposedly we can right-click the chat to get chat options. Hmm, maybe if I unlock the chat box? Will check...
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    EU Headstart Time, Pre-Order Costumes and Server Locations

    Thank you for the update, CM Venecia! I'm glad that I did not take Friday the 20th off after all - 5 pm PST works great for me since I'm in California. I appreciate Barunson setting up their game's start time to suit me! ;) As far as the armor goes, it looks stylish. I may not end up...
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    What class will you begin with?

    As I said, I was curious enough to start a poll. It might have a slight influence on my decision. And I already know the answer to that question so I don't need to do a poll on that. EVERYBODY is going to create a female character! :D
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    What class will you begin with?

    I know that many of us will try out and play several characters during our time in Astellia. But I'm curious what the most popular classes are so I'll start this poll. :) What class will you start out with?
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    Goldis Drawings

    When your mate joins you, it looks like you will have a complete adventuring party. (y) Nice artwork - I like the swirly misty background, the lighting effects and ..... the detailed female characters! :cool:
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    Thank you Barunson for ...

    This is a thread for mentioning things that you like about Astellia. :) I like the female versions of the warrior and the assassin. Now I can play a tall warrior woman from a certain popular manage series I like. Thank you, Barunson staff, for listening to the community who said they wanted...
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    It worked, i'm done with Name Reservation

    Thank you, SaltySlippers! I noticed only one server when I finally got to make my character. And now "Tourmaline" has joined the rapidly growing population of new Astellians. :)
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    It worked, i'm done with Name Reservation

    Hi folks, while you were choosing names, did you happen to see what the server names were? I want to make sure I don't pick the server that the scholar by the name of Angel is on - I hear she's a rascal. :D
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    I reserved my name!

    I'm SHOCKED that you should spook us like that, aliantha! :eek: Way to have an attention-grabbing post you rascal. :p
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    Just bought the Legendary Pack

    Because those are Canadian dollars with tax included. :)
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    Just bought the Legendary Pack

    You're mad! MAD I tell you! ? Ha ha, I did that too. See you in-game and enjoy your adventures. ?