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  1. Lipino

    Neues update ?

    Ist doch alles gut. Was der Typ schrieb interessiert eh keinen und sollte dich auch nicht. Chill and peace out ma'am. ;)
  2. Lipino

    Neues update ?

    Einfach ignorieren. Nur ein Spammer mit Offtopic/Werbung usw. Sollte eigentlich jeder erkennen. Manche von denen sind sogar nur generiert.
  3. Lipino

    Dogavi Black Market 6 minute cut Speed run (도가비암시장 6분 컷 스피드런)

    While this may be a good video of a speedrun in this dungeon - just would like to mention that this is recorded in Astellia Royal - not our version. Just in case people wonder and become confused when they look in this thread here.
  4. Lipino

    Can't talk to NPC's

    I think you better contact the support with detailed information about your issue.
  5. Lipino

    [12/29] Maintenance Notice & Patch Notes

    I'm fine with the rebalancement as long as it doesn't make people angry like last time when they swapped many skills of every subclass as people have spent high amount of gold for gear before.
  6. Lipino

    In-Game Chat Commands

    A list of chat commands collected in Discord/forum/in past since beta days. We can't guarantee that all of them still work as things keep changing so a few might be disabled and also it depends which version. Nevertheless, these commands actually exist so just try them out if unsure. Emotes...
  7. Lipino

    Censorship / Costume + Charackter

    But Astellia Royal is uncensored. Not sure what you're talking about.
  8. Lipino

    [12/11~1/17] Holiday Sketch Event

    Well it could be considered misunderstandable atleast.
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    Diese Quest wurde leider nicht zurückgesetzt. Leute vom letzten Weihnachten können es nicht nochmal tun. Es wurde aber bestätigt, dass es nicht mit Absicht ist. Der Bug wurde bereits an die Devs weitergeleitet ... kannst also nur auf einen Fix hoffen. Behalte deine Glocken erstmal.
  11. Lipino

    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    Keep calm guys, get a coffee :coffee:
  12. Lipino

    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    Well, I am not the one being disappointed. I still don't care what was said then and now. When major things suddenly change internally I assume that the game's plan might change as well, despite old promotions. I got used to it and experienced it in many games so that way I am chilled about...
  13. Lipino

    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    I think the roadmap back was made by the old team BE&A, we can't expect the same efforts/goals/visions from the new publisher.
  14. Lipino

    What would make me return to Astellia

    This might be difficult because our version is censored as it's rated PEGI-16. Other servers around the world have it uncensored AFAIK.
  15. Lipino

    2020 Halloween Event (11/12: SS Contest Winners Announced) Aquarius 300: Unicorn 100: Karza's Guile 30d
  16. Lipino

    Where is the delete forum account button?

    File a ticket to the support if you really insist to do so.
  17. Lipino

    Serverzusammenlegung EU/NA

    Cross-server integration wurde auch schon vorgeschlagen. :rolleyes:
  18. Lipino

    new and stuck at 1% download?

    Yeah, and you can check that if the data's size keeps increasing in the folder of Astellia\managed\patch. Edit: And it doesn't update the progress bar like that as I assume it goes for chunks not for the size that's been already downloaded. So that one chunk is really huge, once it's done the...