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  1. Freggel

    [12/29] Maintenance Notice & Patch Notes

    after the patch, playerbase will bounce a bit, but then the dip to 0 will come. Astellia = XRP
  2. Freggel

    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    maybe they just didnt think its possible that the players from the last year would play it this year too xD
  3. Freggel

    Server Wartung Heute??

    Willst du damit andeuten dass es hier verbesserungsbedarf gibt? Na dann nimm dich mal vorm Banhammer in acht. *in deckung geh*?⛑
  4. Freggel

    Basin (Pt of 4) Solo Run

    are you going to make a new thread evry time u make another run? xD better make one for all of your runs, so ppl can see them collected ;)
  5. Freggel

    2020 Halloween Event (11/12: SS Contest Winners Announced) Name: Freggel Server: EU Aquarius 300 Gem Reward: Karza's Guile (90Days) 100 Gem Reward: Melruijin Armor (Type B)
  6. Freggel

    Frostbyte's Solo Runs

    Finally some other persons try this :)
  7. Freggel

    New hondugawa daily is tedious

    if u need 1 minute to take out 1 mob then u will need 60min = 1 hour to finish the daily. for when i do it, it takes about 15-20 min, depend on how many ppl else farming there. With more ppl even faster, cause even though the mobs dont drop much more or better than in the other HG areas, those...
  8. Freggel

    avalon-midboss and treasure

    nothing more to say. except you dont know what less random means compared to the situation as it is atm xD
  9. Freggel

    avalon-midboss and treasure

    How about just let it be a Legendary Treasure, that is hard to get. I mean compared to heroic its not much better but all i see now is cry for the rarest things to get all the way more easily to be faster done with the game. why cant you (terra) just stop cry about that and not posting bs like...
  10. Freggel

    [10/13] Scheduled Maintenance

    They never said they would/could xD So no false promises this time xD
  11. Freggel

    Titre AVALON

    With shine the light on someone i mean by switching the attention from yourself to someone who has nothing to do with that. TimeToDie is clearly no factor here, cause he has not the title, doesnt care about it, and rather play fair and lose then to win with exploits only, so that is clearly an...
  12. Freggel

    Titre AVALON

    Things like that would make avalon more interessting Aang, cause then avalon can be populated all around the clock. And not only between 4 p.m and 10 p.m. Such things were things we would want but more than half of the comunity in this game dont seem to want such things to happen(merge), yet...
  13. Freggel

    Titre AVALON

    xD So True Bro. Just so True :) At Terra, hope you are able to understand the difference in here. But when i read your post u are actually not. you try to protect those things without understanding anything and not need to admit that u are acting like a noob. So i try it one last time: Havin...
  14. Freggel

    Titre AVALON

    Terra/Panda: i hope u do know the difference between try to fill up the last about 2k Kill points for general or hero when there is litterly noone around in the last time before the day resets,to reach supreme/comander/adviser, and farming alts on porpose to reach hero as fast as u can on day 1...
  15. Freggel

    Astellia 1-Year Anniversary Events [updated 9/25]

    You overlooked one thing. The Lagash Underground Sanctum 4:40 Time was not with Skyver, Freggel, Heisen a Kojomi. The Time was made with Skyver, Freggel, Heisen and "TimeToDie". Pls correct that :)
  16. Freggel

    Astellia 1-Year Anniversary Events [updated 9/25]

    Thats the Spirit. :) Love this attitude
  17. Freggel

    Healer is broken

    So what is ur point? Take away healers Heal-Skills? Take them the possibility away to get some WIL/CON? And what do u mean by invincible? I dont have a smoke, or ice-shield, or make myself disapear, or get sooo high eva that most ppl miss me. If u cant beat a healer, then u just dont do enough...
  18. Freggel

    Astellia 1-Year Anniversary Events [updated 9/25] Pretty sure they wont xD
  19. Freggel

    Astellia 1-Year Anniversary Events [updated 9/25]

    We dont even know if the rewards will be splitted between EU/NA or the best times of both servers count. Koreans post their screens on KR thread but they also play on NA, so maybe doesnt matter or maybe it does. Noone knows. We tried to open a thread only for the screens, so its all clearly...