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  1. Skyver

    Titre AVALON

    It is really bad that I have to condescend to my old Astellia days, to have to reply to one of your unnecessary, drawn out, poorly argued posts. It is really fascinating what excuses and bad defamation we have had to endure, in all the time that [Barcode] existed. No excuse will be too...
  2. Skyver

    Astellia 1-Year Anniversary Events [updated 9/25]

  3. Skyver

    Astellia 1-Year Anniversary Events [updated 9/25]

    EU Aquarius IIIIIIIIIIIIIII - [Barcode] Skyver Freggel Heisen Kojomi TimeToDie [Lagash Underground Sanctum] Darkey [Ascender's Throne] Rutlass Den [0 min 40 sek] Crimson Rock Valley [1 min 46 sek] Hashmal Laboratory [2 min 53 sek]...
  4. Skyver

    Astellia 1-Year Anniversary Dungeon Time Attack Event

    Rutlass Den [0 min 51 sek] Crimson Rock Valley [2 min 13 min] Dimensional Library Basilla [4 min 37 sek] Sansara Fortress [6 min 13 sek] Temple of Blessings [5 min 59 sek]...
  5. Skyver

    Astellia 1-Year Anniversary Dungeon Time Attack Event

    Hello CM-Capricorn, Since it is not really clear in which thread the screens should be posted (the patchnote-thread is overloaded), we wanted to open an extra thread for the sake of clarity. It is also not clear whether the servers will be rewarded separately. If this thread is not wanted...
  6. Skyver

    Server Merge (NA/EU)

    If the fear of lag is the only problem here, then absolutely everything speaks in favor of a server consolidation! Laggs can be prevented if u use special programs for it, for example "WTFast". I used that program to play Cabel2 on NA-Server. The performance was great. We also live in times of...
  7. Skyver

    Server Merge (NA/EU)

    We all played on NA in CBT. The ping was better than sometimes on EU. Even GMs told us, that the NA performance is better than on EU. I don't care about server reset. There are always people who have luck with start time and not. If u have home office u can stay until 4 am in the morning. If...
  8. Skyver

    서버 병합 (NA / EU)

    이 게임을 여전히 적극적으로하고있는 사람이라면 지금 쯤이면 어디에서나 플레이어가 부족하다는 사실을 알았을 것입니다. 그룹이나 PVP를 찾을 때 PVE에 있어야합니다. 따라서 저는 EU와 NA 서버 간의 즉각적인 서버 통합을 선호합니다. 이 스레드에서 수많은 투표하십시오. 감사합니다! (Google Translate)
  9. Skyver

    Consolidation des serveurs (EU/NA)

    Quiconque joue encore activement à ce jeu devrait déjà avoir remarqué qu'il y a un manque de joueurs partout. Que ce soit dans le PVE lors de la recherche d'un groupe ou dans le PVP. Je suis donc favorable à une consolidation immédiate des serveurs entre l'UE et le serveur NA. Veuillez voter...
  10. Skyver

    Serverzusammenlegung EU/NA

    Jeder, der dieses Spiel noch aktiv spielt, sollte mittlerweile bemerkt haben, dass es an allen Ecken und Enden an Spielern fehlt. Sei es im PVE bei der Gruppensuche oder im PVP. Ich bin daher für einen umgehende Serverzusammenlegung zwischen dem EU und dem NA Server. Bitte stimmt dazu in...
  11. Skyver

    Server Merge (NA/EU)

    Anyone who is still actively playing this game should have noticed by now that there is a lack of players everywhere. Be it in the PVE when looking for a group or in the PVP. I am therefore in favor of an immediate server consolidation between the EU and the NA server. Please vote in this...
  12. Skyver

    Ultimatives Buff-Event zum 1-Jahres-Jubiläum von Astellia!

    Also ich würde meinen 1. Geburtstag definitiv etwas pompöser feiern - aber wenn die Devs das als angemessen empfinden - why not.:coffee:
  13. Skyver

    Avalon Verbesserungsvorschläge und Eindrücke

    Wo wir wieder bei dem Punt sind, dass die Leute ihre Klasse spielen lernen sollten. Einen perfekt ausbalancierten DD-Healer im PVP zu spielen ist *hard as ***** und selbst der wird passiv, wenn es ins Massen-PVP geht. Aber das habe ich schon öfter gehört, dass Random-Healer ihren Job nicht...
  14. Skyver

    Feedback Quest Impossible

    If you say that it sounds like tanks are totally useless. :cry: Tanks are so important in PVP if they played well. Not only for chain meteor combos.o_O Its just a question of stat builds and deck effects and skill rotation. I have no problems to kill all the other classes in 1 vs. 1. There are...
  15. Skyver

    Delicate Diamond Belt

    That should have been deleted for months...
  16. Skyver

    Feedback Quest Impossible

    Short answer - no! It should be the way it is. PVP titles for PVP ranks. Nobody needs the HP for dungeon runs. The HP is only interesting for PVP and PVP benefits should be earned!!! The titel is called "Guardian of .... " That says everything. :whistle:
  17. Skyver

    Sommerlicher Screenshot Wettbewerb (12. - 31. August UTC)

    Charaktername: Skyver Server: Aquarius EU
  18. Skyver

    [8/25] Geplante Wartung

    Bin total dagegen, dass die Sealed Items in den "alten" Dungeons droppen!!! Das ist dann sicher wieder so wie bei T2, wo die Leute in den billig Dungeons Kisten ohne Ende droppen, während der Loot in den neuen Dungeons ausbleibt... Setzt wenigstens die Droppchance massiv runter von den Kisten...
  19. Skyver

    [7/28] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes

    I would like to see the Twink-Army who mobilizes someone to generate 140k kill points.:ROFLMAO: Sometimes your ideas are really out of touch with the world.
  20. Skyver

    [7/28] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes

    I still have to get rid of that... PVE Hunting-Point-Farmers are not farming points for winning fraction - its a nice side effect at all. They only farm it for their own benefit. (Zender, Coins maybe Loot) If the last pvp time ends on monday - they start farming like machines and u cant stop...