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  1. Frostbyte

    Basin (Pt of 4) Solo Run

  2. Frostbyte

    Frostbyte's Solo Runs

    Died once, but that was my fault for pulling too many mobs. Oh well, first attempt at trying this place solo, so I'll take it. Lagash Underground Sanctum:
  3. Frostbyte

    Zender Distribution Services

    Got this for 7 days with the Nocturnal Pack. If I log into an alt, the icon for the Zender Distribution Service is still there, which makes me think its account-wide. However, my alts have no additional Zender, and I can't verify if I've been getting the additional Zender even on my main, as...
  4. Frostbyte

    Question regarding Zendesk..

    I've put in many tickets. Those who answer them eventually disappear. Why does this company lay off those who are actually doing their work? I have tickets that are a month or older STILL un-answered. What's up with the customer support here?
  5. Frostbyte

    Suggestion: Add a Mount "Costume" Slot

    We've already got Weapon, Armor, Mask Top, Mask Bottom, Helmet, and Back - why not Mount? Reason being is I would love to eventually get the mount from Avalon, but I like the look of my Halloween Horse better.
  6. Frostbyte

    Pearl of Summer Light Shop Bug (Can't Buy Anything)

    Even though I have 80 Pearls left, everything in shop is 0/0, so I can't buy anything.
  7. Frostbyte

    Tulie: After Treasure Enhancements

    So Tulie quests in general are quite useless after enhancing any Treasures we may want to enhance. Instead of making this place obsolete like Miodin Mines has become (after topping off the treasure there), why not make it to where you can exchange a certain amount of "Seal of Curse" and "Crystal...
  8. Frostbyte

    Enabling the new hotbar

    Thanks to Madri for showing me this. ^_^ Figured I'd share here for those confused as to why they couldn't add anything to the new hotbar.
  9. Frostbyte

    Guild Emblem

    Why can't we choose/upload our own guild emblem? I know the game's not live yet, still under maintenance.. but I just found out over Steam news (why don't we get these updates anywhere else, btw?.... not all of us use Steam.) PS: If custom...
  10. Frostbyte

    Suggestion: Party Ready Confirmation

    I believe I've mentioned this before to no effect.. so here it is again. I'd love to see a Party Ready Confirmation added to the game. This way, the party leader can, for example, right click their icon (where all of the party related stuff is located), and there would be a "Party Confirmation"...
  11. Frostbyte

    Ring of Exploration Slot

    Now I know this has been brought up before with a big fat NO. However, I wanna bring it up again, especially since Karza Treasures can be Enhanced these days with the Tulie quests. These are making the Ring of Exploration half obsolete. So giving it it's own slot would give it back it's entire...
  12. Frostbyte

    Additional Hotbar for Consumables Only

    I'd love to see an additional hotbar added specifically for consumable items. With having to place skills (even with the combo stacks), mount, consumables, etc all on the hotbars we're given, it leaves us still having to open our inventory for food and such before dungeon runs (unless you're...
  13. Frostbyte

    @devs: The Quest for Stelite

    Now with weekly quests in Hunting Grounds, previously.. we had a way to obtain Stelite at a decent rate. But since these are removed and replaced with the new weekly quest, how are we supposed to obtain the now absurd amounts of Stelite required for trial and error Fusions? Please give us...
  14. Frostbyte

    Plague/Curse Enhancement for 'Ring of Exploration'

    This would be amazing. I mean, it is a Karza Treasure. Given that it requires a Karza slot since it doesn't have a slot of it's own, and the ring is available to basically anyone these days, it'd be awesome to be able to Enhance it for dungeons that don't heavily benefit from using two different...
  15. Frostbyte

    Localization Error: Petos/Almantin

    Since the last update, Petos (who gave the daily/weekly level 50 dungeon quests and now gives the daily legendary dungeon quests) can be found in Meiville as well as Almantin, where he originally was. The quest still only says Almantin. Not a huge deal by any means, but I figured a Localization...
  16. Frostbyte

    @CMs/Devs: Pimpi's Devoted Leaf (Ella's Treasure) Availability

    Can you please make this Treasure available again? It's got Spirited Summoner +4 on it and would be very useful, but was only available for a limited time.
  17. Frostbyte

    Astel Element (Currency) ??

    Anyone know what this is or where to spend it? It says it's a Currency.
  18. Frostbyte

    Soloing New Solo Dungeons

    Has anyone else soloed any of the new Solo Legendary dungeons? I haven't attempted Mansion or Prison solo yet. We've done Mansion as a party, and the last boss is quite tough. (You really gotta hammer the boss.) Otherwise, not bad as a party. I did manage to solo Macarzin Basin, though...
  19. Frostbyte

    Feedback/Input Poll: Inventory Expansions

    Seeing something like the Inventory Expansions added to cash shop made me wonder how many people bought them and, if enough people support good cash shop additions such as this, will the devs take notice and add more good stuff? Of course we'd all like to see more costumes, weapon skins (frost...
  20. Frostbyte

    Holy Order's Symbol Shop (Prices Bug)

    As you can see in the screenshot provided, some weapons are overpriced at 5,200 Holy Order's Symbols while others are at the normal price of 2,600. Clearly they should all be 2,600 (if not 'less'), as Holy Order Symbols are no longer available via a Quest since the removal of Hunting Ground...