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  1. Lipino

    In-Game Chat Commands

    A list of chat commands collected in Discord/forum/in past since beta days. We can't guarantee that all of them still work as things keep changing so a few might be disabled and also it depends which version. Nevertheless, these commands actually exist so just try them out if unsure. Emotes...
  2. Lipino

    Global Astellia Time

    I don't wanna bring up the timezone drama again here but Astellia consists of teams spread out in 3 different timezones (NA/EU/KR) hence why they have to struggle with time coordination and double shifts, I know it's hard to manage all that. Nearly every time when things are scheduled to happen...
  3. Lipino

    Check whether the name is available

    o/ Just a tiny useful suggestion to implement: Add a function when creating a character that checks whether the name you are looking for is available. Currently, when I enter the name it will be immediately used which I don't always want at first. And once in use I must wait 24 hours again to...
  4. Lipino

    LiPino Fanart

    Hey, I think Art & Media section is a good place for this ;) Might as well be occasionally editing this thread to add future artworks. My scholar in that nun outfit. Update: I changed the background and made her smile more plus minor fixes and NSFW version. Old version...
  5. Lipino

    Where are my character creation presets saved?

    This is probably a dublicate topic but I can't seem to find information anywhere else regarding this matter. I'm planning to remake my characer appearance in CBT2 using my own presets I've saved in CBT1. I just don't know where the files are located. If it's saved server-side then R.I.P. :confused: