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    What Stats mainly use Mages for PVE?

    What Stats mainly use Mages for PVE?
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    Subclass Star EXP Calculator Online

    Greeting astellians here my recenly project; enjoy
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    Any clue if devs will change pre-taken equipment like this one? Because they full changed Oracle for Cleric. Players that sacrificed time upgraded their oracle equipment now have to sell or discard that stuff. Examples: * *...
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    What inside!!! — Difficulty Level★ Dungeon Treasure Random Box

    Difficulty Level★ Dungeon Treasure Random Box — 1st time open — LIVE
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    How to Take Enakir - Astel

    Just take a quest from a old woman at Meiville, then follow the quest til end. Location Astel Card
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    Astellia Online - Support Event - Walkthrough

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    [LIVE] Giant Spider & Dogavi Events - Walkthough

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    [Devs should see this] Atra Crystals Percents

    Greetings. I dont know where to post feedbacks or suggestions. Thus i did here Its only a suggestion. Im not pretend force devs to improve the gameplay. Atra Crystal are good, because raise the toon's stats. Legendary Atra Crystals has 2.9% ~ 7.0% more stats, but the chance (RNG) to get a...
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    4K (Ultra HD) World Ride Walkthrough

    This video shows a straight ride on mount from the furthest point at Athlon to the furthest point at Meiville. This video is brought thanks to likes, visits and subscriptions. Thank you for your cooperation and support. ? Background Music: • Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure - By...
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    OBS Studio Settings for Astellia Online

    Settings to Stream or Record Astellia Online at FHD (1080p : 60fps). Click images to enlarge Window Capture Stream Output Record Output Video Game Display Mode
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    Azaroth - Only I Have Not Cat

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    How to Unfreeze Frozen Pimpi with Warmer

    To get the Frozen hand Warmer item to use it on Frozen Pimpi, only do a simple solo dungeon. • Then use the warmer on Pimpi [see image below]
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    Winter Event 2019 - Full Walkthrough

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    Guild Bank, when?

    i know the game is 1 month since launched, but guild bank is a essential feature. in others games like Star Trek Online or Neverwinter guild have auctions discounts, buffs, stronghold that can be build to improve features like Guild Stores with its discount and many things.
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    Tool: Astellia Character Counter

    Hello everyone. I recently made a useful tool for guild ad posts. Enjoy!! LInk: