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  1. eXz

    So when will it be f2p?

    So i went back to check the game out. and what the hell its all p2w now and still pay to play. When this game was announce there was so much promises (and noooooo p2w), So why doesnt you just go f2p now and milk the last 6 months before closing the game? so i can kill some in avalon
  2. eXz

    Bena Cash

    only me that have Diffrent value of Bena cash on website and Launcher? as like on website 500 Bena cash for 5$ and on launcher 50 Bena cash for 5$... Better buy on website then :P
  3. eXz

    launch time?

    So did we get any news on when the Launch is on the 20th? i need to know if i need to call boss for a free day off :P Sorry if already answerd.
  4. eXz

    Svensk Guild

    Finns det någon svensk guild eller några som är sugna på att starta någon skön guild. Familjefar som bara vill ha några att lira med o tjöta skit med då tiden inte är som förr. Skål och hoppas att detta spel blir långlivat
  5. eXz

    Nordens Favor

    Okey i must say i like this game alot and hopefully all will be awsome here comes the BUT. This Norden favor is bugging i understand devsteam needs to earn cash somewhere. As we gonna be b2p why do we need to but something that yes is the only p2w i can see, the increased ticket and time of...
  6. eXz


    Sorry if already asked. But how will the server be as now it was 2 servers on cbt1 and 2 (why did you even have that?) When game launch will it be a "megaserver" or regular servers? As i can se Avalon will "empty" if to many servers. As for Eu even if i dont speak german or french i rather...
  7. eXz

    Astels Deck Effect

    Was out gathering stuff and was using Ursa Card that Have 3 point Garhering Prodigy. Though when i use this card it doesnt do any Afffect on XP gained. So is this not working yet or is this a bug?
  8. eXz


    Hello Name is eXz (been my ingame name for 20ish years) from Sweden and been playing healer in Vanguard saga of Hereo and Wildstar and Swtor and ddo and Aion (tried Tera as ranger i sucked at dps so i quit Tera:P) and waiting to start healing people in Astellia :) So yes i love playing...
  9. eXz

    Healer scholar/solo playing

    As a healer i always are there for Healing but sometimes as you wanna go solo, is it easy for a healer or do i need to count on my companions for the damage? ;) So my question can you have two diffrent builds ingame so when solo i click set1 and when healing i click set2