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    It's probably some kind of anti-cheat program... those are famous for triggering false positives with some AV programs.
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    Skill enhancements?

    If you don't already know, points can be freely unassigned at any time, at no cost (I think you have to be out of combat, but that's the only restriction). So if you find a skill you were once favoring is something you're no longer using much, you can just dump its points out and put them...
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    Question on changing classes (the level 50 specializations)

    I know the only thing that works from specs that aren't active is the awakened skill. My question is, are you able to switch between specs, or do you completely discard your exp in that spec if you switch? The site guide is unclear on this, and I'll of course want to take the one I'm aiming for...
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    [DEVs PLS] Death penalty in dungeons

    I seem to be missing something here... 1. The 15 minute debuff appears only if you've died 8 times without seeing a healer. The first 3 levels of the debuff do literally nothing except remind you that you have them, and they ramp up slowly after that, only getting ugly at L7, and nasty at L8...
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/1 | Updated]

    Suggestion for announcing patch times... I've seen a lot of games say that the patch will occur at 11:59 PM or 12:01 AM instead of at midnight. It avoids the "which midnight did you mean?" issue.
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    Chaos Cluster is recruiting

    We're a fairly old community (we've been around in some form since 2003), and are now starting in Astellia. We're all about positive chaos - we have basically little to no hierarchy, no drama, and nothing that involves forgetting that we're playing a game, and we're here to have fun. Everyone...
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    question ?? game paid or free??

    They're using a hybrid model - you have to buy the game itself ($30), but there's no subscription. There's a cash shop, but it's cosmetics, convenience items, and things that let you progress a bit faster, but zero actual combat advantages or p2w garbage. If you've played Guild Wars 2, it's...