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    paysafecard oder andere zahlungoptionen

    hi an alle mitspieler und moderators, die zahlungoptionen sind defenitiv nicht genug. auf den englishen artikel hat bis heute immer noch keiner reagiert. spieler, die nicht ihre bankverbindung benutzen möchten oder optionen, die mit der bank in verbindung stehen, können das spiel nicht kaufen...
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    Censorship / Costume + Charackter

    Hi astellia team and players. i got a box with the first Outfit and i think, the censorship is overdone. In other Nations you get 2 options. one censorship for kiddos and one for normal players. i dont like to see everytime a new mmo start: they censor, this lead me to leave the game quicker...
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    paysafecard payment very important

    hi astellia online team, i saw a few days befoe the paysafecard payment in the shop. this payment is for alot of people, who cant pay otherwise, very important. so please add this back. this include myself, i couldnt buy it without this payment system. cards like amazon would be okay also, but...
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    fake fullscreen for better performance

    as i know, the fullscreen in games give alot frameratereduction in games. i assume its windows 10 wich have this issue. revelation online have a fake fullscreen mode, please look into that, it could help alot of people with framerate issues aswell.
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    direct x download if missed?

    hi, wich direct x we should download, in case we missed it in the installer?
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    Shadowban for non Europe players?

    dear astellia team, i am not a racist and i think or hope the providers of the game also not Friends tried to login from outside europe and want to play in the same Guild also in the released europe version. please fix this issue. how can it be, that i can log in with the exact account name and...