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  1. Darkey


    There is no best class at all, just best for you. Your decision should depend on how you prefer to play - more solo or group, support or attack, melee or range, but in general: Assasin -> most dps, but melee Archer -> less dps than assasin, but range Mage -> less dps than archer, but more...
  2. Darkey

    Game does not start!

    This is not much information, so it could be everything, but in general you can try this: Verify game files in launcher - sometimes some files get corrupted by game crash. Sometimes computer restart helps, if the game kills the graphic card driver in some way. If you have processor-integrated...
  3. Darkey

    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    New month - new patch - no content. Some new dungeons? No. Raids? No. Battlefields? No. Character development? No. Territory wars? No. But yeah, cool new event(or same as last year?) - people get everything for being online for some hours in a game with highend content for 20 min PvE â day. Game...
  4. Darkey

    2020 Halloween Event (11/12: SS Contest Winners Announced)

    Name : Darkey Server: EU 300 Gems reward: Nordens Favor (60days) 100 Gems reward: Karza's Guile (30Days)
  5. Darkey

    New hondugawa daily is tedious

    I don't know how stupid you are, if you really think someone leave this game because of 60 monster kill quest. But let's say you really think so - your suggested solutions for getting people interested in the game are: making the easy content even more easier add more "pay to win"-possibilities...
  6. Darkey

    New hondugawa daily is tedious

    Ok I see - you are not asking for yourself. You don't need it, but you have mercy with the other poor people, and thatswhy you are asking...because it's so cruel to have to kill 60 monster every day! You can group up in a raid, but it's still so horrible! How devs can force people to do...
  7. Darkey

    New hondugawa daily is tedious

    Devs gives you three options: you can do boring quests solo - the monsters are not hard to kill but it takes longer you can do boring quests in group - the mosters die faster - with 2-3 dds in the grp you will be done in 10 minutes pay for skin subscription and you dont have to make the quest...
  8. Darkey

    feedback tread about the new map

    This is something you can actually say not only for this content but for the whole game development until now. There are 3 development fields: graphic, game-design, technology: technology - is **** but devs can't really change it anymore: DX9+UE3 is approximately ~2007-2010 standard. The only...
  9. Darkey

    game full p2w now ?

    No, the game is not full p2w. Yes, the direction is clear - more and more benefits for cash. Still important is, that we have at least the possibility to get everything without cash. The changes to cash shop are worrying but the lack of content still remains the biggest problem of this game -...
  10. Darkey

    [10/29] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (10/26: Details updated)

    It's not the 2 day delay that bothers me, it's just one more sign that development stagnates here. Devs developed this content since august - 4 weeks until the date in september when they said, the patch is delayed. Now, 4 weeks later, we are not getting more than was previewed in september and...
  11. Darkey

    [10/29] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (10/26: Details updated)

    Yeah, last minute issues for a patch, that was actually planned in september. This patch not even bring something people was asking for: new dungeos or raids or battlefield, new gear.... even the event has same eligos skin as last year. Astellia again losed 50% of active players since T3 comes...
  12. Darkey

    Avalon Verbesserungsvorschläge und Eindrücke

    Also dadurch das man bei den meisten Aktivitäten eh begrenzt ist, spielt es nah zu keine Rolle mehr ob man gut equip ist oder nicht. Ich sehe eher das Problem, dass es eben wenig nutzen hat sich zu bemühen: Dungeons: sind so einfach, dass man sie auch mit schlechten Equip locker schaft - klar...
  13. Darkey

    Avalon Verbesserungsvorschläge und Eindrücke

    Da lässt sich viel machen, aber ich hätte auch nichts gegen den direkten Weg über Fraktionspunkte => Sagen wir jemand rennt im 10 personen raid und nimmt Steine ein, nach 9 Steinen hätte derjenige dann ganze 45k Punkte gemacht. Das dauert dann je nach PvP zwischen 30min und 2 Stunden (der ganze...
  14. Darkey

    Avalon Verbesserungsvorschläge und Eindrücke

    @Towi, man kann hier nur spekulieren, ich hätte folgende Theorie: Es gibt unser Astellia, Astellia beim russischen Publisher und Astellia Royal. Bei den Russen und Royal sind Pay2Win aber im Grunde alles dasselbe Game mit minimalen unterschieden. Unsere Version war die erste noch...
  15. Darkey

    Avalon Verbesserungsvorschläge und Eindrücke

    Es ist generelles Problem des Spiels gerade -> es gibt nichts zu tun. Die meisten können ihre Ausrüstung kaum noch verbessern. Mit Avalon Belohnungen kann man sich auch nichts essenziellen mehr holen: Entbindungsitems braucht man kaum mehr Tickets -> braucht man auch nicht unbedingt wenn eh...
  16. Darkey

    Titre AVALON

    Sure everyone was a noob on start and than improves his gear and playing skills. Beein noob doesn't mean, you don't exploit game bugs or don't do any other illegal stuff. Being a noob doesn't make you innocent or an angel. But if you could read properly, you would have read - I never wrote that...
  17. Darkey

    [10/13] Scheduled Maintenance

    Updated? What was updated? What's about some new content, that was promised in september? What's about fixes for known bugs, like astell bugs? Thanks for restarting the servers once in two weeks. You do amazing job! :ROFLMAO:
  18. Darkey

    Titre AVALON

    The whole thing is not about ban someone - since like Towi said, there is the possibility to just ask someone from other fraction to help to get the point - it's against fair play, but it can't be illegal, because nobody can forbid to communicate with other people in the game. The most...
  19. Darkey

    Titre AVALON

    So you admit, you abused an unknown illegal bug, to get a title? ;) And on top of that as first on the server without even trying to get it legal way? While you are saying: to farm alts and set it on same level as abusing bug. What does it shows about you, as person? Nevermind, I don't want you...