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    Show off your Character!!

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    Hide and Seek with the GMs!

    GMs should learn how other similar games work to maintain players or even make more joins
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    Additional Hotbar for Consumables Only

    The actual consumable bar is enough. i use only 5 slot of 10.
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    [6/11] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (Completed)

    BDO has over 15 million players scattered among multiple servers, and the game itself does not have AFK Farming with pets. They collect loots but do not attack/kill for you. Thus, why Astellia Online has to be the exception to allow such thing?
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    [6/11] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (Completed)

    Being AFK Solo or AFK Expedition/Party = same thing = player that are not literally playing the game = Clean ALL-channel of AFK call-out spams.
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    What Stats mainly use Mages for PVE?

    What Stats mainly use Mages for PVE?
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    Useful sites besides the official wiki

    well i have the RSS if the game at Hope that help
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    [Updated 5/26] Update Preview [5/26]

    They didn't nerfs, but balanced a bit. It's good to balance the stats/skills now, rather than it become in a totally mess later.
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    Subclass Star EXP Calculator Online

    Greeting astellians here my recenly project; enjoy
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    Thus now day what scholar subclass is more healer. (Vote by a reaction) :love: Cleric. (y) Oracle.
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    Any clue if devs will change pre-taken equipment like this one? Because they full changed Oracle for Cleric. Players that sacrificed time upgraded their oracle equipment now have to sell or discard that stuff. Examples: * *...
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    but if they dont sent a warning/email about the cause for it, why then the affected say its about racist issue?
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    What inside!!! — Difficulty Level★ Dungeon Treasure Random Box

    Difficulty Level★ Dungeon Treasure Random Box — 1st time open — LIVE
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    [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance [3/3]

    I understand, maybe you are right. But some players only created 1 character + play 24/7 + "successfully" the game in 2 week. Then think the game "lack" of content. Thus, why not create another character and re-enjoy the adventure without being 24/7 AFK-farming foes to faster earn EXP + aspels...
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    Guide game execution faults after maintenance

    Share the joke what you laughing for Oklmq. ;)
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    [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance [3/3]

    What if they delay more for it? Do you will ragequit from the game? ---------- Coding content is complex and take time to properly make it work. I read the "2020 Roadmap" post and they didn't use the word "promised" as they yes-or-yes must bring what they listed. Just lets them some time. The...
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    Show off your Character!!

    My Scholar look like a 20 years old. Just full height, and some increments in her chest and waist. ?
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    Astellia Online - Support Event - Walkthrough

    Thanks for like/support .. you are right,,,, in my old vids my voice were bad configured. now al that is fixed :D