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    Still no news about the terrible head start

    There hasn't been any news yet about the head start (or lack of) server issues for EU only and the late by 1 day. There was talk of pushing the live release back so that pre-orders actually got the advertised head start, the live release is still advertised as normal? Are we ever going to see...
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    Inferno - lvl 30ish spell and the case of the missing DoT

    Hey guys, around level 30 you get a skill called Inferno, this skill is poorly translated and on paper seems powerful, it also has a new DoT called inferno, but for the life of me I cannot activate it? Ive tried a number of things but having trouble, the spell also misses/low damages a lot so I...
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    Does the monthly sub (9.99) option also give you the Nordens Favour sub bonus?

    Guess this is aimed mostly at staff but, does paying for the game via the sub also give you Nordens Favour? Or do you pay for that on top?