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  1. Licia Al Na'ir

    The Saintess's Souvenir guide.

    This quest is hard/strange, I scouted the way first, killed all enemies in between the first and second souvenir, reached the third one by running straight through, only having to fight one Fenir at the end, but still, somehow the Stars Tale wasn't registered - even though I could read the...
  2. Licia Al Na'ir

    Headstart Compensation

    Launch time was the 20th, right?
  3. Licia Al Na'ir

    [Star's Tale] ✫ Radeilo ✫ [Loot] Big Grandpa's Beard

    This flower was the end of me. It took me so much time. I put the graphic down to the lowest so the forest would become a barren land, where the only things showing up on the ground would be collectables... Still, it took me almost half an hour to gather 5 flowers. They grow literally all over...
  4. Licia Al Na'ir

    A Couple of Good Guides to do while Leveling

    I was looking for the chests! Thank you so much!