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  1. Neoyoshi

    Halloween, a brand new mount and Duel Arena Ladder Season 1!

    I'm so excited for the Halloween event!
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    Neoyoshi's Art Imaginarium

    Canceria blasts into Halloween!
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    Hello <3

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    Bots, Gold Spam, & Other 3rd Party Software

    I like how there is a single angry emoiji in the reactions there, gee i wonder who that might be. xD Give em' hell guys, give em' hell.
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    New Server Opening [EU]

    Nice! :)
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    Neoyoshi's Art Imaginarium

    ˜°•. Welcome! - I hope you enjoy .•°˜ I still have quite a lot of work ahead of me, and i am still currently exposing myself to the game world, but slowly it is inspiring a couple of pieces. 10/15 Update! - Halloween Fanart. Here is one of them i sketched quickly this evening. There...
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    World First Star's Tale 100%

    Congrats! That sure looks like it took quite some time. :)
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    Morgana Vee Fanart (also info on character)

    Very nice, keep up the god work. :)
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    drop rate

    Oh yeah, it's definitely a decent time sink, and some enjoy this type of gameplay style, i know i do. :)
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    How to eliminate Gold Sellers in 10 seconds.....

    Every mmorpg, even wildly successful ones like Final Fantasy XIV- has gold sellers and bots that has to be dealt with constantly; - take my word for it please, removing a feature doesn't drive them away; it only forces them to adapt to different avenues to their craft. Gold sellers and bots and...
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    Why greetings Mr. Treebeard, seen any hobbits of late?

    Why greetings Mr. Treebeard, seen any hobbits of late?
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    Download speed

    You are definitely not alone, it took quite a bit of time to download. I had to go take a nap while waiting for mine.
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    Hiya ^o^

    You are most welcome, and yes i drew that. :):coffee:
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    EDIT: whoops, this is an older welcome thread, sorry about that, but welcome just the same, hehe.
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    Senpai ~NA~

    I am definitely going to be sticking with the game, that's for sure. I like some things about it a lot more then i thought i would. :)
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    Lots of godrays. :whistle::coffee:

    Lots of godrays. :whistle::coffee:
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    Thanks @Seven7 ! :)

    Thanks @Seven7 ! :)