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    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    I agree but that was differents publisher. Barunson then way2bit. Btw i think they changed cm staff again.:unsure::unsure:
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    Croquis de vacances

    J ai lu que les cms actuels ont été remerciés et donc viré. Maintenant c est le publisher way2bit qui reprend 100% le support gm et cm. Sur steam a la dernière news tu peux voir l auteur de la news: W2b.mgt= way2bit management. Attendons...
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    Croquis de vacances

    Y a meme pas eu les résultats ?
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    Est-il possible d'augmenter l'édition

    Dans le cash shop alors tu as pack deluxe in game
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    Est-il possible d'augmenter l'édition

    Oui par le website tu peux. Mais pas ar steam
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    New staff i heard. From Way2bit. Old staff is gone from gobigames
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    on s'ennuie !!!

    Je suis d accord. Perso j ai jamais vu un mmo avec une population aussi basse encore up... ça tient du miracle lol Mais clairement côté dev ou cm c est un silence de morts. Y a tres peu d infos sur la suite... ça sent très très mauvais
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    is this game dead??

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    So when will it be f2p?

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    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    Even if we dont have the website stats, you can clearly see the game is very inactive at least in eu server, chat system is very dead compared to before, very few messages + the fact the steam numbers are only around 230 players for 2 servers (had 1250 players in february). Also the avalon stats...
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    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    Well the playerbase numbers prove something...., devs and cms might do what they want ofc they can! But they lost like 90% of players on steam and website versions and this for some obvious reasons... no content, monetization changes etc So after all ofc they can continue to do what they want...
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    November Update Preview (11/24 UPDATED)

    Do you really think they make a lot of profits with all the recent p2w cash shop changes ? I really doubt, it makes more harms aka more ppl leaving the game or not starting it. Maybe a few dozen on 400 players might p2w in this version not more lol... so they are not profitable ever with that...
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    [10/27~11/10] 7-day Free Trial Coupon

    F2p is better
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    [10/27~11/10] Coupon d'essai gratuit de 7 jours

    Mettez le jeu f2p c est mieux
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    [10/29] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (10/26: Details updated)

    Exactly...From royal roadmap: " . New story and new area In the first half of 2021, a new region "Palat Islands" will be updated. At the same time as reuniting with his younger brother "Pei", he will unravel the story of Astel "Piske"'s hidden past. In addition, it is not connected to the...
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    [10/29] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (10/26: Details updated)

    They have 0 content and the only way they find is asking insane amount of xp for what 2 levels? Reminds me bless online with slv35. And guess what happened after? Game closed down, both have/had 300 players online like right now...nice coincidences lol Btw i just think game will again lose...
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    [10/29] Scheduled Maintenance & Patch Notes (10/26: Details updated)

    List for p2w cash shop is longer than the actual content :ROFLMAO:
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    Avalon Verbesserungsvorschläge und Eindrücke

    I speak englisg my german is .. crap lol Astellia tw, ru, royal = f2p+heavy p2w Astellia eu/na= b2p+light p2w Astellia kr (nexon korea) was f2p+heavy p2w, closed. Astellia royal recently released a roadmap... their game's version is newer. Eu/na version september update has been delay for a...
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    DJ RAID 2020

    Raid was promised in old roadmap...but no news. There is a roadmap for royal if you are interested
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    Titre AVALON

    Darkey says all. And panda is probably cm or gm capricorn but everyone knows this since start thats how she got title. Seeems everyone was afraid to tell it xD its not a secret at this point and if they remove this message thzt would show its true.