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  1. Pandalicious

    Delicate Diamond Belt

    Fr guys, that Item is just broken and stupid.
  2. Pandalicious

    Why the peacetime was the worst idea ever and has to be removed

    1) 1st day of Avalon, stones neutral We killing them. Some antisocial..persons..come along and just watch spamming F on the stone. They get it. Like PLEASE I want to be able to kill them on spawn like they deserve it. 2) AFK Farm. I am doing it myself. But because everyone does it and it / PvE...
  3. Pandalicious

    Just a short info in case you havent noticed

    So, apparently, in last patch they changed a lot of archer skills to be used while moving; so far I think its the following skills: - Spiral Arrow - Volley - Burst Arrow (I and II, III gets cancelled) - Raven Shot - Ranger's Eagle Strike I love surprises. This should have always been like it
  4. Pandalicious

    Tulie Star Tales

    Ok :) Lets colaborate on this shall we? I ll share with you what I found out in this headpost, you guys can just add your info below maybe? Collection: [Collection] Intact Token of the Knights of Cathedral: 15x Fragment of the Cathedral Knights Token (dropped by: Black Iron Armor Guardian...
  5. Pandalicious

    Astellia Memes

    Just some fun thread, amongst all those super serious threads lol. Comment your own memes. Dont take anything serious lol its just for fun guys
  6. Pandalicious

    PvE ruins Avalon (and how to fix it)

    ..and here are 5 reasons why: 1) It is meant to be a PvP Zone. How can it even be legit that you can accomplish victory by pure "no life" PvE all day long? 2) People are AVOIDING PvP in the PvP Zone 3) You get more of the Golden Victory Tokens through PvE than PvP. I recall, its supposed to...
  7. Pandalicious

    Weapon for (future) item fusion doesnt exist?

    Sooo, I was checking for Weapon Fusion.. I know that the sealed weapons are not in the game yet but: Arctus Bow doesn't exist. Or at least it doesn't show up in AH if you type it in Search Bar. It appears to only exist as a Skin. For the armor, Arctus Armor does exist. Is that a bug...
  8. Pandalicious

    The definition of "solo" [Feedback]

    Took me a while, but I figured that "solo" dungeons and colosseums can be done in party. Why? I think "solo" should mean "do it alone" and not "oh well, its so easy you can solo it, but u can also run it with party", which is what it currently means. I don't know if its a bug or intended...
  9. Pandalicious

    Chat channels/tabs we are missing

    1) Guild Recruitment Tab/Channel: The constat spam of Guild Recruitment in All Chat is extremely annoying. I feel the constant need to block all of them which I don't want to have to do. 2) Trading Chat: It seems people refuse using the Action House. Also good to find buyers for your bound...
  10. Pandalicious

    Northern Lentuth Star Tales Guide

    Hello everyone. As some people might have seen in Discord or heard of from friends, I am creating a guide for Northern Lentuth Star Tales, which is finished 100% since October 3rd. In order for more people to see it, I decided to link it here...