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  1. Shirou Xuden

    Do something about the Gold Sellers spamming the world chat...

    How about you let the DEVS handle it? I am sure they are aware you don't need to pressure them cause it is going to get bad for us, they might make items unreadable and then you really gonna rage quit.
  2. Shirou Xuden

    Does No One Work At Support?

    GM should give more attention to this kind cases cause this is what makes people quit games when the support is bad...
  3. Shirou Xuden

    Kiyo Behind The Cave Guide

  4. Shirou Xuden

    Can't play

    @ProTunes I currently live in Curacao, Willemstad an island located in the Caribbean.
  5. Shirou Xuden

    Can't play

    @sukurozen in 13 Hours I think which is 2:00 pm CEST
  6. Shirou Xuden

    Can't play

    OK so I kinda fixed it I guess, I used a VPN to see if I was region blocked and I was able to login without issues, then I logout and turn off the VPN and try again without the VPN and I was able to play again, I don't get it but it is fixed now for some reason so ignore this thread and consider...
  7. Shirou Xuden

    Can't play

    @ProTunes Yes I re-install the game 2 times and I did 1 time repair which took another 4 hours and same thing, so frustrating.
  8. Shirou Xuden

    Unable to log into website

    Try to logout Facebook on your default web page usage cause it conflicts with the sign in one on browser
  9. Shirou Xuden

    Can't play

    Hi guys, I have a feeling I am the only one having this issue, I can't seem to play since yesterday, it all started suddenly when I port back to a town nothing would load and then logout to the primary screen with an error code 219, I tried reinstall 2 times and still does the same thing can...
  10. Shirou Xuden

    Pre-Download Begins Now!

    Mine is at 4% right now, but yesterday it got stuck on 21% and just now I had to re-install the client to prevent the error message "Failed to resume patching the client " I hope I don't get the same message again, this game is huge and maybe I wont make it to play on time of server launch...
  11. Shirou Xuden

    Launcher Issues and Resolves

    Thanks, this was helpful I had the problem for "Failed to resume patching the client " I am currently using Facebook login and I have a feeling if i leave the client idle for too long the launcher disconnects me or something, but I had to uninstall the launcher to make it work again.