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    Mushroom Vine Village chest #1

    Has anyone been able to get this chest? It is in a tree so I jumped next to and click F and click it with the mouse and it will not open it. It will run me to it and that's it. If anyone has gotten this one let me know how you did since I am not having any luck with it.
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    Stars Tale Guide

    I know there are some guides on the forum but they were from CB so they are some what outdated. I decided to make a toon and go back and screen shot and put this together to help others. I will be updating these after work when I get on at night so wont be done for some time, but it is a start...
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    Eline Falls View Point

    So I been running around looking for this view point but I am not able to find it. I looked on top of the rocks behind the falls and all around the front of the falls. Has anyone been able to find this if so let me know where it is please.
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    Error Message

    Has anyone gotten the message "something went wrong please try again" when pressing start on the launcher?