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    Is Astellia already dying?

    lul offline.. yea most good ppl alrdy left - we are now waiting for eu launch of lost ark for 2020
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    “Das Rennen zur Spitze” [Wettbewerb] (Update: 30.09.2019)

    wo bekomm ich den jz her ?
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    Race To Max Contest [Update: Winners Announced | 11/1]

    lul first gold eu mage xD
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    Was raubt euch den Spaß?

    Ich mache auch erstmal nen Break bis zu den 2*Runs/Avalon..derzeit einfach kein vernünftiger Content.
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    Scheduled Maintenance [10/29] - [Completed]

    Pref a usefull update like more content soon - getting kind of boring with those t1 items, weak legendary dungeons and no avalon.
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    Geplante Wartung [29. Oktober] [Abgeschlossen]

    Guardian of the Forest kannst du trotz Bug machen - hab 100% in nord und south lentuth Notice: Oh die haben das sogar trotz lösbaren bug wieder geändert ? hm dann kann ich dazu nichts sagen :D
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    Beruf Gathering

    Bitte das Gathering beim Berufsmat. erhöhen - derzeit hat niemand wirklich Lust farmen zu gehen. 1 bis 2 Gathering auf 3-5 buffen. Danke.
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    Legendary Dungeons Stage 1 [Consolidated Feedback] [Updated 10/21]

    Yeah, they said they dont want to create a "smash and grab" game and they want to build a brand and a relationship with us and deliver a product that we want. So im very excited bout the changes that "should" happen now.
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    Legendary Dungeons Stage 1 [Consolidated Feedback] [Updated 10/21]

    hope they ll update some stuff asap - astellia getting kind of boring cuz of the probs atm.
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    Ende der Story Quests????

    Hab wirklich die komplette Story geskipped.. wieso wurde die kleine entführt und wer sind die beiden damen, gegeneinander gekämpft haben ?^^
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    nah i dont care bout zender - thats all :p
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    thing is : Every problem has a solution
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    Humans need some sleep boy. No Zender = Doomsday ? U cant play the game without Zender anymore ? Gosh calm down :D
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    Unscheduled Maintenance [10/18] - [Completed]

    Just show some patience - they ll fix it asap.
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    Ye thats y u have to craft a lot and u get most of elements in AH and most heroic/legy gear with "ok" stats alrdy sold in AH - getting cheaper and cheaper for new fresh lv 50 players btw. Whole Star Tale is boring haha :D
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    Well best way - like i said - is to craft or buy your gear. And y should a "fresh" lv 50 immendtly rush a Legy ? Just go craft ur stuff, farm money and run some 50ths first.
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    i guess u mean "field" bosses mate - well u can kill them rly fast and if someone dont want to go for st just trade with the member ( more ppl = higher drop chance ) and yeah..those lootboxes - i was lucky with an average of like 70-80 boxes per Map
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    A fresh lv.50 is going to rush his Quests for 4x Legy Parts :)
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    Forum Signaturen

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    Yeah RNG should be fixed asap - but only crap stats like ur accessory for example. Pref to craft ur own gear and dont waste coins atm. But Star Tale Drop Rate is fine. Sometimes it takes like 1-2 Hours for like 40 pieces but thats the challenge.