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  1. thewisefool

    How to turn off the dmg of other players?

    Where is the setting? Thanks.
  2. thewisefool

    Addons for this MMO?

    Will there be any? I hope so. Does anyone know of one? Especially for the rolling combat text and UI Interface.
  3. thewisefool

    Oceanic Server and PING/FPS

    Just want to find out if You are opening up new servers for OCEANIC realm anytime soon? If so will you be offering FREE transfers? I am in New Zealand here. Also is there a command to bring up FramRate and PING within the game? I am guessing I am not under 250MS at the moment.
  4. thewisefool

    Need PREVIEW button for costumes (works for skins)

    I need to PREVIEW before deciding whether or not to buy. At the moment it only works for Armour skins (auto) and not costumes. You can make more money if you just make it easier for yourselves, so please implement it.