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    Stacking Duplicate Treasures?

    Heard doing this should not normally be possible, but apparently you can with the +HP Legendary Treasures from Rutless? The karza treasures shown in the image below both give 9% hp.
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    Muse Astel Passive Buffs?

    So we all have a Muse Astel by now, whether its Kuku, Lira, Aqua, etc. Each of them has a Passive buff that gets applied to YOU (maybe) and other summoned Astels. They also have an Active buff that applies to everyone in your group (within range). What I am curious about is the Passive buff...
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    Subclass Switching?

    Ok cool, we got our subclasses available now, but I'd like to know if its possible to not only unlock ALL of them, but to switch back n forth between them afterwards. To be clear, what I am asking is IF it is possible to switch between my 5* Hawkeye and my 5* Ranger whenever I might want too...
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    Is That A Bot!? A Guide.

    As a noob to all things botting, I offer my experience up to anyone else running around in Astellia who may have come across players who looked suspicious and asked themselves "Is that a bot?". Astellia provides a way for players to "afk farm" via their Astels. To do this, you just need to find...
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    Flowers of Respite / Randeilo Star Tale

    Following the Guide for Randeilo to do this blue quest leads to 3 images of 3 locations in Tulie, where the author found something. When I went to each location, on each channel, there was nothing to interact with. What am I looking for? Are they randomly placed around the zone? And other...
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    Randeilo Star Tale: Ancient Loafers?

    So I followed the guide for Randeilo in these forums, and have now killed all the Ancients there listed in the Google Doc, but I've yet to get credit for the Ancient Loafer (yes, I've killed the Ancient Unidentified Epidemic Encroacher). I've also killed the "bonus" Ancient Moss Bump Khalukh...
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    New Packages Not Available?

    So I wanted to buy the new Deluxe pack, but I am unable too due to all of showing as "Not Available". I previously bought the Platinum pack, and at first I thought this had locked me out of purchasing the new packs. Yet, several people ingame / discord have said they were able to buy a new pack...
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    Legend of Mohavi?

    Has any brave soul done this quest? Its a lvl50 side quest out of Almantin called Legend of Mohavi. Not sure if there are any pre requisite for it, but it wants you to kill 100 Blue Hat Poy. Sounds pretty simple, right? Not at all. The quest takes place down in the Sun Tomb area south of...
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    Do CBT 1 Keys Carry Over To CBT 2?

    This probably answered elsewhere, but I've failed to find it. As the title asks, will a key for CBT 1 allow a player to join CBT 2?
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    Female Warrior / Assassin Model?

    I really, really respect the decision to allow both male / female versions of this class, and its one of the reasons why I'll give the game a chance. I'm curious though about how they will go about doing it. Are they going to using brand new character models, or will they be using the Scholar or...
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    Alterations to Outfits for Western Audience?

    I've played the KR version and there are some really nice outfits to be had in the game, but some are pretty revealing (which I'm ok with) and the game has a "loli" race that can wear some of those. A couple months, I think, you were having a poll where people were asked to ranked the outfits...