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  1. Avator

    Important suggestion : Braga needs to Dance

    I require that Braga dances with us. It's important for game immersion ;)
  2. Avator

    WIL versus INT for a Healer

    I did tests yesterday (CBT2) and noticed that increasing Willpower (Spell Power) with crystals DID in fact lead to stronger heals. However I noted increasing Intelligence (Magic Attack) had no effect on healing spells. I think this is noteworthy as many healers might dump more points or better...
  3. Avator

    Beta Feedback so far and features I would love to see! : )

    What I would love to have in game: - When in a dungeon, would be a great to have a little button near mini map you can click that says requirements for grades. (how much time and how many mobs etc for S grade for example) - Would be nice when not in combat to be able to draw our weapon out. I...
  4. Avator

    Greetings! : )

    Hello hello! After playing Aion since launch for many many years and being dischanted with the turn of the game, I played WoW with a raiding guild for a while and am now looking for a new game. Again, seems the newer content in WoW just isn't fun anymore. I had a bit of fun with SWOTR, ESO, BnS...