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  1. LordJerbear

    Astellia Online Hype!

    For the New game coming out, was wondering what everyone was looking forward to when game releases and what they hope to see in the future of the game?
  2. LordJerbear

    Opposing sides?

    So does anyone think they will create opposite sides for the game kinda like they do in world of warcraft? i think it would be extra exciting if they added that feature so you can choose what side you want to fight for.
  3. LordJerbear


    Is there a possibility on having Factions in the Astellia Online Story?
  4. LordJerbear

    Armor Customization

    So will we be able to Have More Customizable Armor Capabilities in the future? For Example, add Specs to boots, or Enchantment to chest part of armor.
  5. LordJerbear


    In the Future, will there Be different type of Races Added to the Game Content? What Does Everyone Think?