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    Is Astellia already dying?

    Pretty sure 90% of the gear in this game came from crafting. >__> I don't know about other crafts though.
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    If there is a population issue, there's a reason! And it should be looked at, discussed and addressed. I agree with Zell here. This game has amazing potential, but if you're only pleasing a very limited amount of players you won't retain the population to even call it an MMO. Now some will say...
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    So much RNG and less Astel progressing

    Yeah. I'm ok with some RNG (dungeon drops, craft) but anything that takes away my hard work (destroyed items, enchantment going DOWN)... that's a deal breaker for me. It's high stakes high gains type of systems good for gambling junkies. I prefer rewarding based on amount of effort type of...
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    So much RNG and less Astel progressing

    I would love removing 'wrong stats' but I think some people use them in Korea. Like evasion on mages....
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    solo leg dungeons when?

    I still run them for stars. By now I have 25 stat points boosted because I have over 40 stars from running solo dungeons. (You can get those from legendaries but solos are faster if you have time restrictions) And lets be honest, MMO players dont all have to like group content or even dungeon...
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    Is Astellia already dying?

    My guild has a similar issue. Just tanks and healers. Most DPS quit waiting for Avalon and never came back even when it was announced. And if some come back, it'll probably be more tanks and healers. We don't even have a group to run new legendaries in the evening in a level 6 guild. Some...
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    My Astel Progress was deleted for second time.

    Whelp, not that it makes things alright but I personally think the GMs went out of their way to help and that's noteworthy.
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    The new dungeons are GREAT!

    Yeah I took 2 guildees yesterday who aren't as geared to try archduke and we kept getting overwhelmed by spider ads because we didn't have the burst to kill eggs fast enough. (on first round we could get 2 eggs but on second round we often only got one and it wasnt enough). While you could...
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    Auction House and filter

    Yeah, this is my biggest pet peeve bug. It's very very annoying looking for any star tale items or even just mana pots x.x... Sometimes I just give up.
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    Please allow treasures to be sold / unbound

    that does sound nice. After getting the same treasure 3 times I literally just sold one to the vendor. >_>
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    Aquarius passive doesnt work

    Wait I see two different things being discussed here. People keep talking about how Aquarius makes them cast faster but that's the active (special) skill. "Aqua flood" I believe OP was mentioning the PASSIVE skill being broken. And the passive skill is for ASTELS only. "Aqua swift". When...
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    having issuses with I am wondering if any one is having issuses with collussusm , edit ..... everything is fixed now

    Oh hm, I've done a lot of colleseums and never had my astels 'disappear'.
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    Guild Contribution Points

    Contribution comes from mob XP, I was told. (could be wrong here) We have level 16 alts in my guild with contribution points.
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    Open World PvP?

    They aren't doing anything against Terms of Service. What happens is you have a guild ranking system based on 'mob kill XP'. (contribution). So what do you think will happen? People will farm when they're at work or sleeping to rank up their guilds. (which in turn allows to have more players...
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    Gender stupidity

    I thought they said they would give gender change tickets to characters who are currently gender locked when the lock is removed.
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    Legendary Dungeons Stage 1 [Consolidated Feedback] [Updated 10/21]

    Actually one week was enough to create a gap. I know people who hit 50 in pre-launch and got more than 10 legendaries to drop before the nerf; some of which they traded to get BiS. Even while not playing at all for the past week or two, some of those people remain more geared than people who...
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    Important suggestion : Braga needs to Dance

    I require that Braga dances with us. It's important for game immersion ;)
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    drop rate

    Low level dungeons drop more purples, actually. It's the level 50 ones that are notoriously bad. Thankfully legendary dungeons aren't as difficult as they were in Betas, so even someone rocking blue or low level accessories will be fine.
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    Legendary Dungeons Stage 1 [Consolidated Feedback] [Updated 10/21]

    After the nerf in drop rates (of regular dungeons), no one in my guild has seen a legendary drop at all (except stones) when they use to drop some on a daily basis during pre-launch. I sure have not seen a legendary drop either. So anyone who hasn't been farming dungeons before launch...