Another new player. This game surprised me.


Nov 16, 2019
Hello all. Just signed up a few days back and have been playing the game over the past few days and I'm truly surprised at how much I like this.

As a bit of background, I've played a variety of games from WoW, to GW2, to ESO, to BDO, and many, many more. I love the MMO genre but I haven't been able to get into many games of late. They all seem to be missing something that keeps me hooked and I wasn't expecting much from Astellia even though I've been following it for over a year. I was doubly caution because I've had serious problems with the monetization of most Asian MMOs and had pretty much sworn off anything not-named Final Fantasy XIV.

In fact, all I heard about the game was that it was just a standard MMO and, even though I love creature collecting games and pet classes, I was put off by the fact that all the human-like Astels were girls and there were no guys at all (besides the cute chibi animal ones) for us ladies to play alongside too. To be blunt, I thought it was only a fan-service game for men (not a complaint but an explantion of my perception of the game). However, I kept checking back, saw that you had added Ignagon, and I'm weak against dragon dudes so I said I'd give it a chance.

Boy am I glad I did.

Not sure what kind of mojo you all have sprinkled into this game but I keep coming back to play it. True, it's bog standard in its approach but there is something appealing about how straightforward it is. So here's a list of my pros and cons so far.


I actually like how simple the equipment is. You have your outfit and your accessories but you can tinker with stats via jewels instead of having to have the standard tunic, helmet, gloves, pants, boots, and then your accessories. It's saved from being overly-simplistic by the stat raising and Astel deck building features for those who like to min-max more.

The character creator is lovely. It's not BDO levels of customization but still lets you make gorgeous characters. The only complaint I have is that I do wish mages weren't locked to loli (not sure why that decision was made) and gender-locking still needs to be worked on for the other classes so everyone has the choice of the character they want to build. Guys like to shoot arrows too and even us girls will craft a cute guy to play as from time to time. =)

The emotes! Keep these coming. I love the different dances and the music that plays with them, as well as the fact that your astels dance with you. I just about died from the warm fuzzies when I danced with Pisces and the crab on top her head raised its claws too to dance. That attention to detail just warmed my heart.

I love that the astels are part of the story and that they converse as you progress (Rota is a doll, literally and figuratively) and I love how they react to each other and observe the human world through the eyes of a creature that isn't human.

I really like the inventory system and that it is complete and organized from the get-go with pockets for each class of item. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! For the first time in a while, I'm playing a game and not sighing over having to spend real money for inventory space because the default space is inadequate and the game keeps filling your pockets with junk that you have to sift through and vendor. My OCD is satisfied by this.

The in-game store is not obnoxious and the prices are reasonable. Unlike most Korean MMOs I am not being asked to pay up every single time I start digging deeper into the game systems (looking at you BDO) and it doesn't break in-game systems for the sole purpose of selling me a solution (glare at BDO intensifies :cautious:). It actually makes me want to spend money because I can purchase stuff I actually want instead of buying things to make the game function as intended which just pulls me right out of the immersion.

Animations are decent and combat is very smooth to me as well as the controls for your astels. It doesn't feel clunky to me at all which happens easily in most pet-focused games and classes.

I don't feel like I'm being funneled to endgame and the story here actually matters (seriously, did this game come out of Korea?). I expect to have to grind at some point but when you actually give me a reason...(hmmmmm :sneaky:)


While I like the game, there are still things that need work.

Please add male human-like astels. The female ones are very pretty but I'd like pretty/handsome guys too. It's pretty obvious that dudes were the main demographic for this game (not a complaint, just an observation) but there is a lot to like here for us women as well. Even Aura Kingdom managed to give us a few bishounen after a while and unless there is a lore reason, some variety would be very welcome.

There is no preview for the in-store costume packs that I can find and I won't pay real money for something I can't see. I generally like the standard armor (buttcheeks hanging out on some notwithstanding) so I suspect that paid stuff would be lovely as well.

The graphics are only okay. I have them as high as they can go but the greenery is still kind of off-putting and I'm not sure if that's going to be fixed.

The dialog has errors all over the place like lines of text being repeated or even cut off during story and quest scenes so a little more attention there would be welcome.

All in all, the pros are currently outweighing the cons and I am having fun which is all most people want from games and something that seems to escape a lot of MMOs nowadays.

TLDR The game is fun so far which is why I like it and intend to spend money on it. Please keep up the good work. 😁
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May 24, 2019
Glad you are having fun; this game was a bit of a sleeper for me as well, picked it up thinking maybe just a side game that I dabble with from time to time, but ended up hooking me in unlike any MMO has done in a long time.

For the costume packs you can actually preview them in the normal armor/weapon tabs; the packs are the same as what they sell there. If you choose the armor then pick weapon you can preview what they look like when weapon drawn; choose weapon and then armor to preview what they look put away. I do agree would be nice if they added that functionality to the pack pages, but this is a work around until they do (devs have shown a willingness to actually listen to us which was another nice surprise).


Nov 16, 2019
Thank you all so much for your warm welcome! 🥰

@Trox Thanks for explaining how I can preview the store costumes. Hopefully they'll add it directly into the store but at least I can see them now.

Lil' Fairy

Oct 24, 2019
Hello and welcome, ladydias

Nice of you to join us. Hope you find it interesting here. Ask any questions you have. We're always glad to help.
And yeah, feel free to join us in intense discussions about nothing ... . * Rolling eyes *

Best wishes,

Lil' Fairy
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