Balance or Imbalance


Sep 28, 2019
Besides, going Evasion on Hawkeye is just a waste, so it's either HP or SE. Going HP allows you to play more relaxed I guess, but if you want more damage then go SE with HP food buff still gives you enough HP to survive any encounter currently in the game.
I was talking about Ranger play, not Hawkeye play. I wouldn't go for evasion as a Hawkeye for PvE., but with the Ranger's bonus to Evasion, you can get some pretty large evasion values.

Out of those four theories, only Theory 2 suggests that Phys. Acc. helps with Critical hits, so I think it's pretty safe to never slot any Phys. Acc. runes.
The Fact that the AH calls it Critical Attack Rate, not Critical Attack Accuracy and the way the descriptions are worded for Evasion and Critical Evasion, lead me to think Theory 2 or Theory 4 are the closer to being correct. As I wrote I believe theory 2 is probably the correct one. With my last few runs through Havali, I notice more critical hits on Bosses.