Button to change Gender of Classes?


Jun 26, 2019
Heya. Could we get a button to switch Genders of the Classes at Character creation? I know that a lot of MMORPGs like BDO use Gender-specific Classes, but this is kind of an odd thing to do imo as i would love to play Assassin but i just dislike the looks of Male Characters in 99% of Games. (I'm a dude myself, but it's the truth, sadly). It's not because of some Snowflake-Status crying, i would just genuinely like to play Assassin as it's my usual go-to Class, but it being Male only is kind of sad. I know that it's just a Beta, and add a lot more Work to the Team as they'd have to model every Armor 2 times, but seeing as the Character Creation itself is rather feature rich, it just seems kind of odd.