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Jan 10, 2020
Tera did this exact same thing when the game released for the Elin race. Poorly done patch jobs on some of the costumes. If you play Tera now though, almost all the newer costumes are not censored only a few of the original ones are. Tera even said it is okay to swap the Elin costume files for the uncensored ones since its only client side.

What my hope is is this censorship is just for the initial release and as time goes on they loosen up up this stuff in Astellia. Personally, I think it is silly to censor some of the costumes. Who wears a full Wool Bodysuit under shorts and a shirt? It just looks terrible. Why do shorts need to be censored?

Either way, I Am done with this game for now anyways. Its bland and kinda boring, just like the costumes. Maybe the game and the costumes will improve over time, but I can't imagine ANYONE buying any cash shop costumes in this game at this point. They are all just so...bland.
You're right bro! and the other guys who are also complaining of this silly censorship!
I bought the licence some days ago and I get disappointed with the Mage outfits, also when I saw the Cash Shop... I didn't want to buy anything, the all Mage outfits are very silly! lol
Come on Astellia team! this MMO game not is for kids!, it's Pegi 16! lol, also the kids would not pay $30 dollars for play a MMORPG, The kids just play games like Minecraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, etc.

Sorry for comment this old Post Discussion and for my bad English, I just hope that those responsible for this game listen to your customers.
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Feb 29, 2020
That option should be included in base game, not got from some 3rd party. I don't want nude mods, but I had enough of religious restrictions as well.
Agreed. The amount of extra 'censorship' on the costumes for female toons in this game borders on the puritanical, adding those skirts/table cloths to archers catsuit.... Ho-Hum...covering cleavage with meshes and extra clothing..I could go on..adding an extra thickness to some of the astels knickers, and adding a bra covering to their chests...GOOD GRIEF!!!! why should they bother when it is just an mmo...it is not an educational video of how to censor costumes for a mid western evangelical church .Please, please, please ASTELLIA DEVS. give us ADU:TS the option to go uncensored, after all any uncensored outfits will be client side only... and considering this is a pay to play game I demand more, or should that be less?...... now for a cold shower.......and hope for a much more eye candified game.....