[Chimera] - The "midcore" community-focused guild!


May 22, 2020
Chimera – "Midcore" community-focused guild looking to grow together!

Hey there and thanks for stopping by. Chimera is a brand new guild headed by myself and my brother, long-time MMO vets looking to scratch the itch that is old-school MMO gameplay, grind and all. Astellia is delivering in that area and we are quite invested in the game, thus Chimera was born.

Our goal is to form a close-knit team for endgame content. We want to learn and grow together, with none of the drama and power-play that comes with typical large guilds. This is a mature, good-humored, and patient guild that could be classified as “Midcore” not necessarily hardcore, but not casual either.

We have ambitions to explore all areas of the game, including PVP, Achievements, and Crafting.

If you are an English speaking player who wishes to find a group to learn and advance with, we might be the guild for you. However do keep in mind that as a small guild, we currently have specific times where we are active.

Currently this is 6PM-12AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) during the week, and anywhere from 10AM-12AM PST during the weekends.

Discord is available and currently being expanded to offer resources and game guides as well.

If you are interested please feel free to leave any questions or comments here or with a direct message, or hop in game and look us up in guild recruitment! Thanks for the consideration and happy hunting.
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