Class Balance issue with bosses.


Jul 5, 2019
Hello as an avid mage tester. I ran into one reaccuring thing during both closed betas. So I decided to test it out and share my info. The skill Ice Spear is Useless on almost all bosses in dungeons for mages. Also it requires nothing but a very simple fix, more on this below!

Why is this an issue you ask? Its pretty simple this skill makes a mage acquire 1 arcane soul. These souls are used for many skills and we only have three that give them one of which has a minute long cooldown. The fire and ice skills that give arcane souls respectively are meant to be used by a mage in rotations to have enough to use all arcane soul skills that do damage.

Why is this important? Currently the mage does very little damage on bosses about half of what other dps classes do while having aoes should be a specialty so trading some single target damage for that can be a fair trade. The damage being half of what other classes with similar gear can do is way to much.

What did I test exactly? Status effectiveness and status accuracy. Stacking both along with mixing them. On the last boss in each dungeon the cold debuff will not stack this is because it was altered to resist since most cold debuffs (but not all) give movement speed reduction. However the bosses resist all cold debuffs. Using ice spear on a boss with a cold debuff is the only way you will get an arcane soul.

How to easily fix this? When you use an ice skill instead of a chance to give -movement speed cold buff simply alter the buff to be a cold buff only with no movement speed reduction for an arcane skill. There are already instances of this in game. A simple fix to a complicated problem. Right now Status effective ness and Status accuracy for mages are useless on bosses. Having to mix that in subtracts much needed other stats like raw damage/damage accuracy critical damage/critical accuracy and defense but that is another discussion.

Please if you are a mage out there or have noticed this as well post in this thread and let the gms/cms know.