DPS during healing in dungeons


Sep 29, 2019
Hey there,

first of all, sorry if there are some errors in my spelling, english is not my native language.

So I was wondering if it's a thing to have some kind of DPS roation while you are healing in dungeons. Many games that I've played in the past required healers to do DPS aswell. I've never been a Fan that to be honest. So my question is: Do I have to maintain a full DPS rotation while healing?

Don't get me wrong, my first priority as a healer is to keep my group alive, no matter if it kills my DPS rotation or not.
At the moment i'm handling it that way:
If there is not abig amount of damage hitting the group, I start doing DPS. It's not much but it's something, I guess. Problem is, that it feels somehow wrong doing that. Since healing spells eat up a huge amount of mana, doing dmg during phases i dont have to heal somehow negoiates any effect of mana regeneration. Atleast in my case. I already use my skills to regenerate Mana / to reduce mana costs of each spell. Yet, I need to slurp those Mana Potions like an addict and I'm affraid that my char will turn into a smurf sooner or later from all that blue stuff. :eek:

How do you guys handle that? Or am I doing something wrong here? Ist there any kind of "Best Practice"? Or is doing dmg as a healer a no-no/nonsense?

Thanks in advance!
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May 26, 2019
Hey Kiwkinese,

there are two different situations you have to manage as a scholar in dungeons - trash cleaning phase and boss phases.
During trash cleaning you can focus on healing and if your tank is doing the job right, then he will be almost always lower than 80% but higher than 20%. Here you use the shields, casted and instant heals. You cant really help much clearing trash since we dont have any AoE (besides nightmare which is kinda useless for quick clear), so in best case you can summon an AoE astel during a big pull like Braga or Eligos.

During the boss phases it depends how much damage your teammates are taking. In my party the tank takes care of himself all the time (since they have a big defensive buff and a self-heal), so I just hot/shield him and focus completely on damage the rest of the time. You can throw an instant heal on your DDs if they fail to avoid an AoE attack, but you can just keep doing your damage rotation. On smaller and quicker engagements just use your highest damaging spells. If you are doing it right, the damage on bosses will be about 20-25% higher.

Hope that helps.



Sep 10, 2019
Many games that I've played in the past required healers to do DPS aswell. I've never been a Fan that to be honest.
I never play healers, but I have to agree with you here. I understand that a lot of healers like this because it makes the class even more difficult (which people enjoy), but there's already a lot of pressure on healers to keep everyone alive, so you guys don't need any extra things to worry about!

With that said, I come from games where healers only healed... if you weren't healing, you were sitting down to regen mana. The tank's job was to hold hate, the job of the DPS was to kill things without pulling hate off the tank, and the healers job was to heal. Games these days have become a bunch of massive AoE pulls between bosses, and people want to get in/out of the dungeons as soon as possible, so everyone needs to do max dps.

Because of this, I feel like healing has become easier as wellwith tons of AoE heals and whatnot (not necessarily Astellia, I have no clue how Scholar plays), which does help allow the healers to get in there and kill stuff at the same time.

Games used to be more simple back in the day lol... albeit much slower paced.
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Sep 30, 2019
hey dear Kiwkinese,
don't mind my english, since it's not my native language as well

honestly i think it depends strongly on the group. i've had some runs which turned out horrible bc everyone was getting dmg and i had to heal nonstop o_O... and there was another group, i could have gone to sleep all they could care, since 2-3 heals at the boss were enough for these guys :sleep:

so this is just my way of doing: :geek:
1) get a feeling of the group - like do they know the mechanics of that dungeon and how well is their equipment (good equipment = less dmg to heal)
2) if you figure out #1, start to act accordingly.
they need a lot of healing? don't do any damage beside normal auto-attacks.
they won't need much healing? heal sometimes and do some damage & skills like the violet bullet or dots.
they even use their heal astels and nearly won't need any heal? full damage!

some other hints:
- take a look at the difference of astels, some of them even have mana reg
- always have enough of the mp pots (nice comment about turning into a smurf btw :ROFLMAO:)
- don't use your mana pool too late (i usually use it at 50%) and don't forget the skill with less mana consumption.
- if there's enough time, use heals with casting time than instant heals <- they use way too much mana. and don't start overhealing = it's okay if they dont have full hp all the time
- take a good look around, not only at their hp-bar. the more you learn about the bosses mechanics, you will know what kind of hit hurts more or less. when you start to realise that as well, you can start to use the shields (solo & grp shield) = less hp to heal afterwards
- you don't have to go full damage if you don't feel good about it, but some debuffs and dots will help the group greatly as well and they don't need a lot of mana.
- voice yourself if the grp doesn't wait for your mp reg. and for all you can care:
let them DIE, if they DON'T LISTEN to their healer! :devilish:

astellians scholar are amazing and i hope you will start to enjoy them even more ✌

hf & best regards,