Dungeon Mechanics


Sep 27, 2019
Curious if in the future you could improve the way you do the boss mechanics.
It's the times some of them go immune and do their little lame mini cut-scene like animations that splits the mechanic waves of the fight.

Have some go transparent, teleport to a ledge, burrow into the ground, put a visible shield around them or something when they do their cup of tea moments. Anything's better than how it is atm. It's just really disengaging when all of a sudden we loose our target and forced to endure their little play display while we fiddle our thumbs. Especially sometimes when the boss actually is showing Zero health but still carrying on.

Think it's the ol' spamming of the tab and/or mouse button on the boss waiting for that moment one can actually target them once again and continue killing them that gets me missing other dungeon runs from other mmos. I find myself letting out quite an audible moan at times.

Yea, First world problems but, just a suggestion as in doing the dungeons so many times, over and over again... It's just an eye rolling moment that with a little tweaking the whole dungeon experience would feel so much better.

Perhaps others may have some other issues or suggestions.
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