[Event] Astellia Quiz Event

CM Pisces

Community Manager
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Jan 17, 2020

Greetings Astellians,

Surprise! It's quiz time on Astellia ~

:: Event Period ::
1st Week - May 15, 2020 to May 21, 2020 (PDT)
2nd Week - May 22, 2020 to May 28, 2020 (PDT)
3rd Week - May 29, 2020 to June 4, 2020 (PDT)

:: How to Participate ::
2 quiz questions will be released each week for 3 weeks. Click the link to Google Form and submit the answers to the questions.

:: Reward ::
20 Random Winners - 30 Gems (Each Week)

:: Rules ::
* The same account cannot win more than once.
* Multiple submission may result in disqualification, so please be considerate when submitting!

Please refer to the Google form link for more information and event participation:

*** When participating, please only directly access the quiz from our official Astellia Facebook Page Post (link: https://www.facebook.com/AstelliaOfficial/photos/a.382712985825274/708203253276244/) or English forum post (link: https://forum.astellia-mmo.com/threads/event-astellia-quiz-event.4296/) and be wary of any pages, websites, or unverified GMs/CMs attempting to redirect you elsewhere.

CM Niar

Community Manager
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May 1, 2020
Winners for the 1st week:

NA (Aida) Har**a
NA (Aida) Sno**i**
NA (Aida) Cuw***s
NA (Aida) Ry*
NA (Aida) Lee**y****
NA (Aida) Lap**
NA (Aida) cho***
NA (Aida) Min**o*
NA (Aida) Cro**l*
NA (Aida) Chl***
NA (Aida) Lot***S***
NA (Aida) Boo***s***
NA (Aida) Wil****l*
EU (Aquarius) Pis**c**
EU (Aquarius) Dar**C***
EU (Aquarius) tyt**
EU (Aquarius) Tar***y*
EU (Aquarius) Kas**n**
EU (Aquarius) Lia**s
EU (Aquarius) Scy**n*

CM Capricorn

Community Manager
Staff Member
Jan 18, 2020
Hello everyone :)

As this Quiz ended, here are the correct answers:

1.At the start of your journey in Astellia, you meet with your first Astel, Rota. What matches her description the most? *

-An Astel of the Clockwork that turns the wheel of fortune​

2.What is Ice Queen Euria's true self? *

-Niar, an ordinary human girl who became an Astellian during the time of Shagul Sceptecs and his demonic army's invasion.​


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