[Guide] Traces of the Euria Incident


Sep 30, 2019
First time posting on the forums. Did a quick scan but I haven't seen anything on this quest yet so here goes. (Could not add images for some reason as it kept giving me errors, Will fix asap)

The quest starts at Adison Farm on the Randeilo map.

The quest starts in Adison farm. Quest giver Natua.

The first piece can be found at the entrance of the Northern Grasslands. As you enter and follow the path on your right should be 3 trees and a rock. The piece can be found next to the rock.

The second piece can be found when entering the Southern Grasslands. Hug the wall on the right and you should find it easily.

The last piece can be found just before you move on to the next area. As you approach the portal to the next zone there should be a big rock on the left side of the road with some bandits around it. The piece can be found next to the rock on the side closest to the road.

Thanks to Myradielle for helping me out with this one.