Kilvorian's Warrior Guide Updated [10/23]


Sep 22, 2019
First, let's look at stats and what you want to focus on. Stats that matter to a Warrior are going to be Str(Physical Attack/Physical Defense) Agi(Physical Accuracy/Evasion), Dex(Physical Crit), and Con(Health/Energy). The stats you should be focusing on the most as a tank should be Strength, Constitution, and Agility. Followed by Dex and Int as an afterthought. I personally value agility fairly highly more for its accuracy then even its evasion because if you miss on a tenacity builder then you don't get that point of tenacity and the skill still goes on cooldown. Strength gives you more damage per attack and also more P.def, always a good thing to have more of. Constitution gives you more HP, another good thing to have as a tank as well as higher Energy which makes the effectiveness of your abilities stronger. So abilities that increase your P.def will increase it more, abilities that heal will heal more, ect... More on what all that is later.

An added note here, once you are at max level for a while and you get access to better runes, shift your focus purely on Str and Con. You can make up for losing accuracy with physical accuracy runes in attack slots and also I recommend Physical Defense runes in your defense slots.

Second, let's look at the basics of a warrior and how they function. Warriors are a sword and board type character that is currently the tank class in Astellia. They have a 20-minute party buff that should always be applied to themselves, their Astels and their party called Aspect of the Giants. This buff increases your Physical Defense(P.def) and Magical Defense(M.def). Another thing to pay attention to is your Tenacity. This is a stacking 1-minute buff that gives you more P.def and M.def per stack up to 5 stacks. There are abilities that build this up(Tenacity Builders) and abilities that spend it(Tenacity Spenders). Depending on what you're trying to accomplish you could either be trying to build this up and keep it at 5 to maximize your ability to stay alive against a boss or a large number of mobs or spending it to dish out more damage or knock an opponent down. So what are the Tenacity builders and spenders? Here they are

Tenacity Builders
  • Cut - single attack grants 1 Tenacity
  • Flurry - 3 part attack if the 3rd swing lands grants 1 Tenacity
  • Chain Impale - 3 part attack if the 3rd swing lands grants 1 Tenacity
Tenacity Spenders
  • Piercing Strike - 2 part single target attack that stiffens the target and does good damage. Can spend 1 Tenacity to empower
  • Shield Blitz - Charge the target with a shield. Can spend 2 Tenacity to knock the target down.
  • Overpower - good damage single target attack. Can spend 1 Tenacity to empower.
  • Quake - Frontal AOE Knockdown. Costs 1 Tenacity to use
  • Shockwave - Frontal Cone AOE attack. Can spend 2 Tenacity to empower.
  • First Aid - Big heal that spends all of your Tenacity. The more Tenacity spent the more it heals.
ThelastDragoon did a good write up of the abilities that we gain so I'm just going to include his ability descriptions in this guide

This is your basic Level 1 skill.
It grants 1 Tenacity upon landing.
Keep in mind, that this skill will only give you a tenacity if it lands.
If you miss, it does not.

There are two options for this one, Reduce Cooldown and Power Increase.
Both of these are useful, cooldown reduction reducing it beneath 9 seconds.

This is your second basic skill, gained at Level 1.
It is a three-part skill. It has the ability to add Brandish on your target.
It also grants 1 Tenacity upon successful lands. If you miss, it does not accumulate.
Brandish is a debuff that is applied to increase the damage of other skills.

This is your first real damage-dealing skill, gained at level 2.
The next version does not unlock until Level 10.
By building up Tenacity or using Piercing Strike on an IMPALED target, you can increase your damage.
This is a single target skill and can get very deadly in the right hands.
The first hit of this skill, stiffens the target.
The second hit of the skill inflicts additional damage to targets affected by Impale.
The power increase on this skill can increase it to high single target, levels.

This skill is unlocked at Level 3.
It combines a long distance charge with a knockdown when you use 2 Tenacity.
The skill customization on this, includes Reduce Cooldown, Power Increase, and Status Accuracy.
Reduce cooldown can allow quicker charge times for PvP and the status accuracy will boost CC chances.

This skill is gained at Level 4.
It is a close range skill, decent damage and causes extra damage to targets that are Knocked down or in the Faint state.
Reducing the cooldown to maximum will drop it below 9 seconds.
I don't use this as much as I should, other than for filler damage.

This skill is gained at Level 5.
It is a long distance attack, with a 20 meter range.
It also increases your threat level with a 5 second cooldown.
It does not have customization options, however.

Gained at level 5 and final stage at level 7, it becomes a main arsenal in your skillset.
This skill has a 6 meter range, and after activating, will gap close to targets.
On top of that, it has a small frontal cone AoE.
The second and third stages use the AoE, causing the debuff "SLASH" on your target.
On a successful hit, it will also grant 1 Tenacity.
Slash debuff can be used with Whirlwind to cause additional damage.

Gained at level 8, this is your first dedicated AoE.
It has high attack damage, benefits from "SHIELD BLOCK", and does damage in a full-circle.
Targets that have the SLASH debuff, receive more damage from this skill.
The downside of Whirlwind is while using the skill, you lose some of your mobility and will be slower.
Luckily, you can dodge roll to break the casting of it, if needed.

This skill restores MP continously, during combat at the cost of 2 Tenacity.
I would recommend using this skill, every time it is up. It will reduce MP potion chugging.

Gained at level 12.
This skill is a single target threat skill. The distance is large, about 20 meters.
Maxing out the cooldown reduction will drop it below 10 seconds.

Gained at level 13.
This slightly increases your physical and magical defense.
This is our party buff and can be applied to party/expedition members, as well as astels.

Gained at level 14, I can not explain how much I love this skill.
The status accuracy is high, the cooldown is at 30 seconds however.
This skill will pull a mob or player towards you within the range of 16 meters. Extremely useful for grabbing groups.
However, keep in mind that this skill can be resisted, just like other CCs in the game.
It also shares a cooldown with Multi-Chain, which I would consider as a downside.
More on Multi-Chain later.

Gained at level 15.
This skill is a taunt with a frontal cone AoE.
The cooldown time is mediocre at 20 seconds, but can be very useful during PVE (dungeons).
Increasing the cooldown reduction to maximum will drop the cooldown below 15 seconds.

Gained at level 18.
This skill can seem underwhelming based on the tooltip.
The status hit rate for the stiffen is extremely low compared to other skills, and the stiffen only lasts for one second.
One good thing about this skill is the low cooldown (7 seconds) and can be used as filler damage between combos.

Gained at level 20.
This skill is amazing for filler damage and semi-gap closer.
This skill works from about 6 meters out, but the cooldown is around 27 seconds.
It has an above average status hit rate and causes Knockdown if it lands.
Maxing out the cooldown reduction will drop the cooldown below 20 seconds.

Gained at level 22.
This skill is used as an emergency self-heal.
It has an extremely long cooldown (10 minutes), but instantly heals your HP.
One thing to note, is that it uses Tenacity to increase the amount of HP that is restored.
It has the option for reducing cooldown and increasing the power (heal amount).
This one comes down to the user itself. It can be a life safer during PvP, but you are limited on Skill Points for now.

Gained at Level 24.
I love this skill. It leaps towards a target (16 meters) for a perfect gap closer.
The damage increases if the target is in the "STUN" or "FAINT" CC and it has high damage, especially on critical hits.
Using one tenacity when casting the skill, will further increase the high damage.
One downside to Overpower is that it has a long cooldown (60 seconds), so comboing into it should be cautionary.
This skill has the option for reducing cooldowns and increasing power.
Reducing the cooldown drops it below 45 seconds, whereas increasing the power will give it a significant boost in damage.
The animation can take a bit and seems to lock you in place when you land. There are ways around it, but that is for another video.

Gained at level 26.
This skill is pretty straight forward.
It is a single target threat skill, with a range of 20 meters.
The cooldown is long, about 50 seconds, but if you are having trouble holding agro on a boss - this could be really useful.

Gained at level 28.
What is a tank without their shield, right?
This skill is self target with a cooldown of 3 seconds so it is pretty spammable during combat.
It summons a big blue shield in front of your character.
Good things about this skill is that it increases your physical and magical defense against skills in front of you and you are still able to move around.
The bad thing is that you can't use other skills while it is up. This is normal, but think about your agro meter before you pop it.

Gained at Level 30.
This skill is bread and butter agro. It doesn't specify the range on it, but it IS an AoE threat skill.
This skill is useful for pulling mobs, pulling agro off an Astel and other great things.
It does start with a 28 second cooldown, which is kind of long.
The only customization effect that it has, is reduce cooldown. Maxing out the cooldown reduction, drops the CD below 20 seconds.

Gained at level 31.
This skill is a close-quarters AoE.
The benefit of this skill is that it can do high damage when you max out the Power Increase.
Dropping the cooldown effectively drops the cooldown to around 20.5 seconds.
However, the downside is the mana cost of it.
Compared to our other skills that use 40-50 mana per use, this one skill uses 175 MP instantly.
For mana management, that can be troublesome. Make sure you use this skill with caution between potions and Soul Restore.

Unlocked at Level 35.
While this skill does not have impressive damage, the CC on it is very useful.
At a 21 second and 92% knockdown rate (at level 50), this skill is also an AoE.
It DOES cost one tenacity to cast, so watch your stacks when using it for a combo.

Gained at level 39.
What can I say, this is a straightforward skill.
When you are in a CC (PvE or PvP), you can cast this skill to remove the effects.
This adds extra levels of counterplay during PvP and has a 27 second cooldown.

Gained at level 41.
This skill is really useful when you realize you are taking a lot of damage in a short period of time.
It increases your physical and magical defense and stacks on top of our party buff, Aspect of the Giant.
The downside of this skill is that it has a 10 minute cooldown and only lasts for 20 seconds when you cast it.
You can reduce the cooldown or increase the amount of defense that it gives you.

Gained at level 44.
This skill has a 20 meter range and is cast on an ally (OR ASTEL).
It reduces damage taken for 10 seconds by splitting damage between caster and target.
This can be very useful if you see your healer or DPS dying during dungeons.
The downside is that it has a 45 second cooldown and no options to reduce the cooldown for PvE.

Gained at level 47.
This skill has a 10 meter range and uses an AoE (mostly frontal) on targets.
This skill is best used when a target is already knocked down or in the "FAINT" status.
The damage on it, is average and costs 2 Tenacity to inflict additional damage with this skill.

Gained at level 50!
Yes, this skill is similar to "SHACKLES" mentioned earlier.
Both skills share a cooldown.
Unlike Shackles, this is an AOE pull with a 60 second cooldown. It can be very useful in both PvE and PvP.
The status hit rate of it, is pretty high, so it's rare that it gets resisted, but it DOES HAPPEN.
Now that we see what all of the skills are and what they do something else we have to be mindful of is how the skills benefit each other. Some skills provide debuffs which other skills then take advantage of. I'll pair these abilities together below

  • Chain Impale + Piercing Strike
  • Flurry + Whirlwind
  • Shield Blitz, Quake, or Savage Kick + Shatter, Shockwave, or Overpower(note that overpower only benefits from Faint or Stun. The way that we Faint a target is by doing a knockdown move on them, then doing another knockdown while they're still under the effects of the first one)
So when going through your rotation you want to make sure these abilities then go off in order so that they take advantage of each other correctly. So using a Chain Impale and then not using Piercing Strike within 5 seconds of finishing your Chain Impale would be less than ideal. Always try to let your combo abilities play off of each other for maximum effectiveness.

So what should your rotation look like? I personally open on ST with something like this.

Sonic Blade>Cut>Chain Impale>Flurry>Piercing Strike>Shield Blitz>Shatter>Savage Kick>Overpower. This allows you to generate good threat from range with Sonic Blade and build 3 stacks of Tenacity then spends the stacks to pile on some more damage/threat.

AOE Rotation

Cut>Chain Impale>Flurry>Quake>Descent Eruption>Shockwave>Whirlwind. This builds 3 stacks of Tenacity and then spends them on Quake and Shockwave to generate great AOE threat and do considerable AOE damage.

Other things to consider:

When running a dungeon with a party you will quickly learn that you can do big pulls and aoe everything down for more efficient runs. Be mindful of your positioning when deciding to engage and drop big packs of mobs. Your Multi Chain ability allows you to grip the mobs in a frontal cone in front of you and it is very important that you use it well to control the pack of mobs and not allow them to get away from you and murder your healer or a dps. If for some reason the mobs are spread out however you can use your Taunt, Deafening Roar, Rage, and Taunt Roar abilities to make sure anything you didn't chain at least stays on you and doesn't murder the squishy members of your party. If you pulled too much and are having a hard time staying alive remember your First Aid, Adamantium Armor, and Adamantium Shield abilities. If you get down to spamming Adamantium Shield perhaps consider throwing out a Deafening Roar to make sure the mobs stay on you.

The new classes have arrived and I have had a chance to experiment with them finally.


Berserk: Increases your Physical attack while decreasing your physical defense. This ability allows you to put out a decent chunk of extra damage. Be mindful of its usage however. if you use it and then take a big hit, you can potentially be one shot.

Cleaving Strike: a strong attack ability with a long cooldown(60 seconds). This ability hits as hard as overpower and is a great 1-2 punch to use after you use berserk along with overpower for a big damage spike.

Awakened Chain: This makes only your single target chain ability also give the target a 5 second roughly 30% debuff to their physical and magic defenses.


Aspect of the Crusader: Gives a 20 second Heal over time(HoT) on yourself on a 70 second CD. The heals tick for a little over 100. Great for sustaining yourself through low-medium damage.

Aspect of the Gladiator: AOE Party buff to Physical and Magic defense that lasts 15 seconds on an 80 second CD . Great for helping mitigate some damage on party members as well as yourself. This buff stacks with any other defense increasing buff (Aspect of the Giant, Grimoire's Noumenon Shell, Scholar Bubble ect.)

Awakened Deafening Roar: Allows your AOE Taunt to also reduce the accuracy of everything affected by it by roughly 30%. Good in big pull situations.


Aspect of the Dark Knight: Gives you a third charge ability to go with Shield Blitz and Savage Kick on a 60 second CD. This ability also reduces the targets physical and magical attack by around 30% Debuff that lasts around 5 seconds

Sonic Hook: Good Ranged snare that lasts around 5 seconds on a 30 second CD.

Awakened Shield Blow: Makes this ability Stiffen the target with a 31% chance vs the non awakened version of only 18%.

In Summary of the sub classes The Berserker has some good damage along with strong burst capabilities on a fairly long cooldown combining Berserk with Overpower and Cleaving Strike while a target is Fainted will net some serious damage. Crusader is exceptionally tanky and has the best PvE party utility of the three sub classes with Aspect of the Gladiator and due to their tankiness allowing more free usage of Share Pain. Gladiator has good gap closing abilities and slows and can be a pain to try to kite around in an arena match but outside of that I feel Gladiator is the weakest of the three while depending on your desired playstyle (offensive or defensive) Crusader and Berserker can offer more to a group.

This is still a work in progress but the meat of the guide is here and will be updated when needed.
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Aug 2, 2019
They don't need it, but if you're gearing and the RNG gods hate you, it's not a completely useless stat
Hey, just checked again and according to wiki, INT actually don't give M.Def (wiki: Intelligence governs Magic Attack, and Magic effect Accuracy). I'm at work now so can't check it in game, but it might be worth to make sure about that ;)


Sep 22, 2019
In game it says int gives m.def and it does indeed give a little bit of it. But Con is a MUCH better stat and also gives us m.def and more of it.
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Oct 4, 2019
Hey im wondering what is the best dps rotation for warrior in pvp 1vs1? Can you provide screens for skills points and combos please too thx u
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Oct 4, 2019
Thank you . But if possible share screens too of skill points, combos, stats etc would be awesome! Even if not perfect


Sep 22, 2019
My first advanced class was Berserker so I plan to update the guide with a Berserker section soon. I will reach out to advanced players of the other specs to get correct information on Crusader and Gladiator before including those classes.


Oct 11, 2019
How do you know this warrior is good?
just the gear has 17621 cp. that's about 10k more than best players in eu. all his gear is legendary and +10 with perfect runes and perfect stats for a tank (only strentgh and constitution). and more than 34k life. it's just insane. :love: