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Jan 17, 2020

Greetings, Astellians!

Looks like the latest patch included a little more than we were planning for. The GMs are so eager to give you more, someone sneaked in contents that were scheduled to be released on the 25th! Anyhow, here are the additional changes that have gone into the last patch:

Star's Tale difficulty level has been adjusted:
• Difficulty level for collecting the Star Tale collections and souvenirs through monster kills has been adjusted.
• Either the number of required materials for crafting has reduced or the item drop rate has gone up.

Scenario Dungeons/dungeon quests have been merged:
• You can complete a solo dungeon quests alone or in a party.
• If you already have a party-only dungeon quest, you can still complete it but won't be able to accept it again afterward.
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