Melancholy of the Northern Knights (Complete)


May 23, 2019
I thought I should make a post to help find the knight records. If you have found any please post a screenshot and the best description of the location! Quest complete!

Quest level 5

Where to start: Quest NPC Mire behind a tree at Shade Breeze Logging Point.

Map Only version

A Knights Record 1: The Road Between Nadine Star Caller's Guild and Old Mist Valley. Behind a tree near Ancient and a chest.

Map Only version

A Knight Record 2: The Road Between Blue Gromwell Froward Base and Old Mist Valley. Near a ruin.

Map Only version

A Knight Record 3: The Road between Blue Gromwell Forward Base and Crimson Rock Valley. to the right.

Map Only version

Once you pick all this up, head back to Mire and you are done!

Edit: Updated the title to reflect the quests name.
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