Sep 11, 2019
Can someone please explain me the minions/NPC that companies you. Can they level up/geared them/set them as guardian, healer, or dps? or someone please link me towards for more information. Please and thank you!


Jun 17, 2019
Hey here is a list of the "Astells" / minions/ pets you can collect/have to release in Astellia Online:
Some you will get via main quests, other via sidequests/daylies/PvP or dungeons as a result/ reward/ loot.

Every Astell can fight. You have an extra bar near HP and MP bar. This is an energy bar (yellow like). When you summon one Astell, it can be "out" the whole time without costing much energy. When you have a second summoned Astell, your energy bar is falling and falling slow to zero. But it takes time. ^^ 3 Astells in the same time summoned will not last long. Then 2 of 3 Astells will be recalled back automatically cause energy bar is zero very fast.

Every Astell is matched for a class role. Tank, healer, warrior, range dd phys., range dd magic, support/muse or assassin.
Even a healer Astell can fight with one dmg skill or autoattack, but its´ main role is to heal his "master".
They level same as your character to lvl 50. You can´t give them any gear, but skins of the cash shop (but that´s only for the eye then :D). You can upgrade them to a higher rang for examble two 2 star Scorpio to get a 3 star Scorpio. 5 star is the highest rang for now.

And they can die like any player in an aoe- or solo attack, but also can be healed from a scholar /healer player or another healer Astell.
If one Astell dies, then you have a cooldown on next summoning. Difference between the level or role of the class.
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