No choice, no risk, no exploring, no fun ...


Sep 5, 2019
No choice
Classic MMOs were about your own choice, making up your own mind, doing what you wanted, being what you wanted, going where you wanted.
This game has no choices - it tells you what to do - watch this movie, go there, click that, watch this, kill that, click that, do this, click that. No choice of starting location, not even a choice of gender unless warrior. Everybody is a pet class, every pet is a loligirl. Boring.

No risk
Classic MMOs were hard and risky. EQ mobs followed you to the end of the zone.
This game has almost no risk - battle is pathetically easy. At level 4 on foot I was attacked by a level 36 monster on horseback, but I just ran away with a slight scratch. 1600 HPs at birth. Agro range of monsters maybe 2-3 metres. Can walk thru enemy areas picking up stuff with no danger. Boring

No exploring
Classic MMOs had large areas to explore and get lost - EQ, WoW, LOTRO, AO e.g. had many wide open areas.
This game has a tiny constricted linear world in a few small zones - mountains and invisible walls limit it to one long thin line with some branches off to dungeons. A few tiny loops and open areas which can be explored in 2 minutes. Run from start to finish in under an hour without dying once at lvl 4. No chance of getting lost, no exploring, just follow the path from start to end. Boring.

Advertising mentioned players having 'Astells' to help them fight, without mentioning what they were. I thought maybe something like power crystals, or some magic weapon. But no, Astells turn out to be hentai loligirls, with huge boobs to make it slightly less obvious. Gorgeous boobs, shapely bottoms and flashing panties abound. No classic game was anything like that.

There is room for many types of games, even games like this.
But it's clear that being a "classic MMO" was just an empty marketting phrase - which classic MMO features did they promise ? Which did they deliver ?
The level of porn is surprising. Perhaps there are cultural issues or something, but frankly this loliporn game is creepy.
I suggest being more clear and open in the advertising.


May 25, 2019
you do realize that there were mmo's out before EQ, WoW, LOTRO, AO. First mmo I played was back in 2004 called secret of the solstice and it was very much like this apart from the astel's. Speaking of astels, there is a wide selection of astels that can fight alongside you, you dont have to go for just the loligirls and considering them as porn is amusing to say the least. Maybe you need to go watch some to see what real porn is. xD
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Aug 3, 2019
you dont have to go for just the loligirls and considering them as porn is amusing to say the least. Maybe you need to go watch some to see what real porn is. xD
Let's not judge...whatever gets him through the night and all that....:cool:
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Sep 21, 2019
Sounds like you did little to no research on a game and got triggered. I can agree on the exploration aspect though, it’s not an open world MMO and that to me really holds it back. I would love this world to be more open and free to explore.


Aug 16, 2019
I will grant you exploration as a good valid point that will sadly not be fixed.
This game is more of a classic kmmo. To compare it to western mmos is ridiculous imo.
Compare it to stuff like Lineage 2 which is a classic kmmo that came out in 2003, a whole year before WoW.

Now, I will also grant you that this game is really not for everyone and geared toward a certain audience. I do like it very much for what it is and I am sorry that you were mislead in believing that this would suit your quite different expectations.

Now, for your porn comments, that is plain trolling, or worse ignorance, and I won't even try to argue this because that would clearly be a waste of time.


Jul 10, 2019
You cant expect all mmorpg to offer the same experience, this one might not be for you. Sounds like you might want to try Shroud of the Avatar. Best housing and fishing, and you can see the corpses of other players littering the ground, they are marked by see through skeletons. Let us enjoy our cute Astells:)