Product Vault, Cash Shop, Gems, Zender, & You


Sep 25, 2019
Why is package pre order still available but upgrade not? I purchased a pack a few days ago and wouldn’t mind upgrading.


Sep 20, 2019
How do I use the inventory upgrade from ore-order? I finalized it but it’s just sitting in my inventory, clicking it does nothing.


Sep 9, 2019
Greetings Astellians!

Headstart and Launch are just around the corner and we wanted to take a moment to explain how to claim your Pre-Order Package items. As well as some other details with the Cash Shop and Astellia’s various currencies.

Astellia has 4 Major types of currencies used both in-game and out-of-game.​
  • Zender - Loyalty Currency acquired by various activities (Quests, Achievements, Avalon, Daily Login)
  • Asper - In-game gold currency, no monetary value, Astellia’s word for “gold”
  • Gem - Cash Shop currency acquired by converting BENA Cash to Gems in the Cash Shop UI.
  • BENA Cash - Purchased with on the Astellia website for real-world currencies and converted into the Cash Shop currency, Gems.
These systems will be old news for any MMORPG Veteran! If you’re new to the MMO world, don’t worry, it’s easy to understand once you get in-game yourself.​

Astellia has something special called the “Product Vault”; This Vault is where all your pre-order items will go. We use this method to ensure that you receive all your items in a way that makes sense.​
The very important fact to remember is that the Product Vault is both cross-server and cross-character. This means that your Pre-Order items will show in the Product Vault no matter which character you are on but can only be claimed one time (unless otherwise specified - see below). So make sure you claim your items on the correct character!​
How to Access the Product Vault?
The Product Vault is located in the Cash Shop window (default key: O):​
By clicking the Product Vault button you’ll open the Product Vault window.​

How many times can I claim my Pre-Order items?
You can only claim your pre-order items one time! However, if you are a Legendary or Platinum user, both the Legendary Character Costume and the Legendary & Platinum Mount can be claimed an unlimited amount.​
Please Note: Other items like the Beeswax Tokens, Cobalt Rota Skin, Norden's Favor, Scrolls of Exploration, Ring of Exploration, and Warehouse Expansions are limited to one time use on claims and will be bound to the character in which you claim them on.​
We understand that, as in the nature of MMOs, players will usually want to have multiple characters, why should you only be able to have the awesome pre-order costume and mount on only one character?! Go forth and claim!​
Can I trade my Pre-Order items to other players?
Nope! All Pre-Order items are non-tradeable.​
What do the Pre-Order Items look like?
We've got you covered, here is a preview of all of the classes in the pre-order armor. While it isn't shown, each armor piece has a toggle option for the helmet.​
Any chance to see the new skins provided in the boxes that are currently on sale?


Oct 2, 2019
I have same problem right now, any solution?
There wasn't an inventory upgrade, but rather a Storage upgrade, if I remember right. 'Cause your actual inventory bags can't get any larger. Go to your Storage Manager and unlock it in that menu.