Feb 9, 2020
You guys might know me for complaining a lot, but this patch gives me a slim bit of hope. I crafted the new 2.5 necklace for my class already and got decent base stats. Was that intentional for your class to get core stats? Sadly I cannot use it since me losing stats off my triple agi neck is too much. There are a lot of bugs and such, but the new crafting system feels fresher then the last one. I started with relics in hopes of being able to craft runes, without knowing that was impossible until now. The new dungeon I feel it cost too much tickets for what it drops, but it is a nice get away from regular dungeons. Maybe I feel fresh because I haven't been in Avalon all week. Maybe it is because of all the alcohol I have consumed... Who knows but it feels like a game for a already end game player. I still feel it took too long for all of this to be released though. Again this is not my normal post of complaints soo good job? XD